Global Government Forum runs a series of regular annual events, all of them aimed at top-level civil servants from governments around the world.

In each case, the agenda is developed in close collaboration with the government delegates, who also provide much of the organised content – offering presentations on their own experiences and pulling out lessons for their peers.

The subsequent conversations are kept deliberately informal, with civil servants and private sector partners free to discuss common global challenges and explain their solutions. Our aim is to support civil service leaders to build relationships, examine issues, and share ideas in private, free-flowing conversations – returning home with new insights, contacts and opportunities.

Our current portfolio includes the following annual events:

Global Government Summit

First held in 2011 in London, the Global Government Summit brings together top leaders from the centre of government – those responsible for leading their national civil services and overseeing strategic development, organisational reform, workforce capabilities and culture change.

Hosted in recent years by the Government of Singapore, the event attracts delegates holding roles including the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, State Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Head of the Civil Service, Director General of Civil Service Policy, and Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry. Topics vary from year to year, with delegates selecting subjects such as public sector productivity, digital government, responses to demographic change, and leadership development.

The event was last held in November 2015, with knowledge partners McKinsey & Co and EY. Whilst the Global Government Summit is held under Chatham House rule, we produce a report after each event so that delegates can share some of the discussions with their colleagues back home: quotes are gathered in on-the-record interviews held alongside the sessions, with our reports cleared by delegates after the event. You can read the report from our 2014 event here; the 2015 report is currently undergoing the approval process and will be published here soon.

Global Government Finance Summit

First held in Singapore in April 2015, the Global Government Finance Summit brings together Permanent Secretary-level civil servants from finance ministries around the world for candid, informal discussions on the financial and regulatory issues facing governments.

The inaugural event was hosted by Peter Ong, the Head of Civil Service and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in Singapore, and attracted the heads of finance ministries from four continents: leading civil servants attended from the governments of Angola, Bahrain, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Kuwait, Latvia, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The knowledge partner was EY, which also played an important role in the discussions.

The discussions covered topics including fiscal management; institutional reforms to promote fiscal sustainability; public sector reforms; and budgetary techniques for improving organisational performance. Commenting on the Summit, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Permanent Secretary of the UK’s HM Treasury, said: “There are a lot of international fora, but what’s valuable about this event is that it focuses on public sector fiscal and public service reform and broader issues in an informal setting, where there can be a genuine dialogue as opposed to lots of formal speeches.

Although the discussions are held under Chatham House rule, we produced a news article on the event using on-the-record interviews, as well as a report using approved quotes to set out the main discussions and conclusions.

The 2016 Global Government Finance Summit was held in Singapore on 22-23 April. For information about attending our 2017 Summit as a delegate or joining the discussions as a knowledge partner, contact Kevin Sorkin at or +44 7738 148585.

Partner events

Global Government Forum also joins forces with other relevant organisations to hold and publicise events aimed at senior civil servants. Details of any such forthcoming events are listed here.

Upcoming Global Government Forum events

Event Information:

  • Fri

    Global Government Summit


    Global Government Forum's annual Global Government Summit will be taking place in Singapore on 9 & 10 February 2018.

    The Summit will be once again hosted by Mr Peter Ong, Head of the Civil Service and permanent secretary, Prime Ministers Office, Strategy, Government of Singapore.

    The Global Government Summit is by invitation only and brings together the heads of civil service from central and federal governments around the world.

    This unique event supports government leaders to share information and best practice on both their domestic, and global, government issues. Conversations that take place are intimate and frank.  Discussions cover a range of issues such as global challenges and trends, governance challenges and positioning of public services for the future.

    Already confirmed to attend the Summit in 2018 includes:

    Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom.

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    If you would like further information about the Global Government Summit, please email: or telephone: +44 7738 148585.