Global Government Forum and its sister publication Global Government Fintech runs regular webinars attracting public servants from around the world, with some aimed at top-level civil servants and others at a wider public sector audience.

Register for this webinar and join expert panellists to find out: How governments can devise a strategy to reduce and eliminate the gender pay gap, measure progress over time & build in accountability mechanisms How to assess and alleviate factors that play into gender pay gaps – such as under-representation of women in higher roles and higher numbers of women working part-time to fulfil caregiving responsibilities at home The merits of creating a system-wide approach and strong collaboration between agencies, employees and unions to drive success
April 30, 2024
Levelling up
This challenge is all the more acute in younger democracies, where there is not the history of looking to develop skills to drive institutional reform for the good of the whole of the population. This webinar will look at how these countries can boost the skills of their public and civil servants. It will look at best practice around skilling up employees in the areas
May 2, 2024
This webinar will provide practical insight on how to use data in policymaking to meet UK cabinet secretary Simon Case’s ambition to get analysts from across government collaborating on shared problems. Experts will come together to share insights on the best uses of data to measure performance, and how data can be presented in a way that frontline public servants can use to drive better provision.
May 9, 2024
United Kingdom
Data & ID
Join the session to find out: How governments should try to understand public behaviour to assist in policy development. The areas of public policy where behavioural insights are most useful. Best practice in using behavioural insights to measure the effectiveness of policy interventions.
May 21, 2024
Join this session to find out: • The challenges of building more responsive benefits and payments systems in government, and how progress can be made. • How government can embed systems to get the right money to the right person on time, and tackle fraud, error and debt. • The potential for technology such as artificial intelligence in helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of social benefits systems.
May 23, 2024
This session will look at how governments can help free public servants to provide better public services by thinking as hard about the internal services government provides for staff as they do for frontline services, and the foundational things public servants need to know.
June 6, 2024
Join this session to find out: • How different payment models such as pre-paid cards and digital direct payments can help government make payments to hard-to-reach groups and improve choice. • How modern government disbursement programmes can be designed to reduce the threshold for financial competence, and improve financial literacy, in recipients. • How technology can join up welfare and benefits systems from different government departments, so support can be more responsive when an individual’s circumstances change.
June 11, 2024
At this session, a panel of civil service experts will discuss the lessons from past government efficiency drives and explore the techniques and agendas most likely to produce big savings over the coming years.
June 13, 2024
Digital & technology
This webinar will look at how government can tackle the objections people have to digital ID, and how it can prove the usefulness of digital IDs in providing more integrated services.
June 20, 2024
Data & ID
In this webinar a panel of civil servants will explore how governments can build and maintain public support for the green transition. How to enable a green transition while tackling poverty? How can workforces and businesses in carbon-intensive industries be supported to find new forms of income? Which forms of green infrastructure investments or environmental improvements attract the most public interest and support? And how can public bodies provide clear public benefits while decarbonizing their own operations? Without radical changes, humans face a grim future – but securing popular support for radical change is no easy task.
June 27, 2024