Addressing the digital infrastructure challenge

December 15, 2020

The pandemic is driving huge demand for digital capacity – both from citizens and businesses, and from the public bodies tasked with delivering services online. And this clock won’t be turned back: long-term economic and technological changes, accelerated by COVID-19, are creating ever greater pressure for nations to develop their digital infrastructures.

At this Global Government Forum webinar, civil service leaders from around the world will explore the policies, strategies and capabilities required to meet spiralling public demand for information exchange and processing. What systems, networks and data centres are needed to support economic growth, public interactions and service delivery? What are the options for planning, funding and delivering them? And how can civil service leaders ensure that systems have the bandwidth and coverage to reach all communities, providing universal access to service delivery and economic opportunities in the fast-growing digital world?

Even before the pandemic, developing digital infrastructure was a priority for many governments. In most countries, it’s now top of the list: at this webinar, senior officials will discuss how best to provide accessible, fast, reliable digital connectivity – meeting the needs of elected leaders, public service providers, businesses and citizens alike.

Public servants can register for this free webinar here