Confidence and supply: How governments got into the medical equipment business

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum from Pexels
February 16, 2021
Supply chains

The pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on public services – but it has also required governments, regional administrations and international bodies to reach far beyond their traditional responsibilities, restoring collapsed supply chains and stimulating production of essential medical supplies.

Canada, for example, devised a central procurement and distribution system for overseas PPE supplies, averting competition between its provinces. The US state of California built its own laboratories and production lines to guarantee its supply of COVID tests. The European Union has combined demand from nation states to secure supplies and win discounts on essential equipment such as ventilators. And many governments have entered into ground-breaking arrangements with medical researchers and pharmaceuticals firms, accelerating the development of vaccines while building the infrastructure for mass production.

At this webinar, senior public servants from around the world will discuss how their organisations intervened to build new supply chains and revive failed ones, exploring what they learned and considering the lessons for future preparedness and disaster planning. Topics will include assessing risks and requirements, building partnerships and, of course, ensuring value for money.