Global Government Finance Summit

The Global Government Finance Summit, organised by Global Government Forum is a unique event that each year brings together Permanent Secretary-level civil servants from finance ministries around the world: delegates discuss their domestic financial and regulatory challenges facing governments and explore potential solutions, taking advantage of this uniquely informal space to share their experiences, concerns and opportunities.

The inaugural event was hosted by Peter Ong, the Head of Civil Service and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in Singapore, and attracted the heads of finance ministries from four continents: leading civil servants attended from the governments of Angola, Bahrain, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Kuwait, Latvia, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The knowledge partner was EY, which also played an important role in the discussions.

We had some really good discussions and I learnt how people in a comparable position deal with the problems that we all face; and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

New Zealand was very interesting because they’ve been reforming their system over 25 years, which, I think, is quite daunting. One lesson their case has taught me is that you need to have continuous reform.”
Martti Hetemäki, permanent secretary of Finland’s finance ministry

This was an unprecedented event. There are a lot of international fora but what’s valuable about this event is that it focuses on public sector fiscal and public service reform and broader issues in an informal setting, where there can be a genuine dialogue as opposed to lots of formal speeches.

This event brought people together from emerging as well as developed economies – people from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe; it was very positive.”
Lord Nicholas Macpherson, former permanent secretary of the UK Treasury 2005 – 2016

Next summit

27 & 28 April 2018
London, United Kingdom


For delegate or knowledge partner enquiries please contact:
Kevin Sorkin
+44 7738 148585