Managing a distributed workforce

July 21, 2020

In response to COVID-19, governments around the world have asked millions of staff to work remotely – and for managers and leaders, that brings a particular set of challenges. How can line managers support effective collaboration and distribute work equitably, while fitting employees’ responsibilities around their unique home circumstances? What kinds of communications from senior executives best strengthen people’s morale and sense of common purpose in the face of the pandemic? How can activities such as recruitment, training and performance management be shifted into the digital world? And what changes are required to HR policies and systems?

Handled well, remote working can improve productivity, innovation and staff engagement – but to succeed, public leaders need the right skills, tools and processes. Bringing together senior civil servants and technical specialists, this webinar examined how line managers, senior executives and HR functions can realise the potential – and sidestep the pitfalls – of managing a distributed workforce.


  • Michael Keenan, Deputy Minister of Transport Canada
  • Kate Guthrie, Smarter Working Programme Director and Deputy Director for Workplace Experience at the Government Property Agency, UK
  • Alicia dela Rosa-Bala, Chairperson, Civil Service Commission, Philippines
  • Lisa Dodman, Chief People Officer at enterprise software provider Unit4
  • Anthony Gatt, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Energy and Water Management (MEW), Malta