Vaccination passports

May 25, 2021

As health services steadily vaccinate their populations, people will want to travel again – taking holidays, visiting family, and doing business around the world. But allowing unvaccinated people to travel could infect unprotected populations and encourage the virus to mutate: as the world slowly opens back up, both national governments and private sector travel providers are likely to insist on proof that travellers have had their jabs.

This is already becoming a difficult political issue, with concerns about the implications for those who remain unvaccinated. Ultimately, though, many border authorities and private businesses are likely to insist on proof of vaccination, and systems will emerge to provide it – creating a risk that dozens of systems and standards appear, creating problems around mutual recognition, duplication and data transfer.

Many countries are already finding a way forward – with Denmark and Sweden developing ‘vaccination passports’, for example, and the EU considering a bloc-wide vaccination card. At this webinar, civil service leaders and external experts from around the world will discuss how best to meet the public and private sectors’ interests in verifying individuals’ vaccination histories – both during international travel, and within each country. And they’ll explore the challenges – such as those around international collaboration, system capabilities and market regulation – that must be addressed to meet people’s needs.