Fundamentals of Governance in Organisations

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.


Governance is about so much more than compliance with statutory regulations and the presence of effective internal audit trails. Without those, you have no organisational governance framework. But with them, you don’t necessarily have an organisation that has top-notch quality governance or a culture of accountability.

Governance is relies on attitudes, responsibility, effective leadership, and achieving full-spectrum staff buy-in. And more than likely, an element of organisational change.

This seminar will examine how you can move your organisation from current levels of compliance to genuine best practice. It will examine a range of issues and approaches to empower you to implement effective governance throughout your organisation.

Who is the seminar designed for?

The seminar is designed to provide useful and important information for people working at all organisational levels, from leaders and senior managers with responsibility for setting the organisational strategies and priorities, through to line managers and team members with responsibility for implementation and compliance.

How will you benefit from attending?

You will benefit from the examination and analysis of what works and what to avoid. You will learn how to improve your planning and preparation processes, and develop a deeper understanding of organisational behaviour. You will also plan how to interact with and tackle resistance and achieve the level of buy-in needed to make governance processes effective

Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • Appreciate why governance matters in organisations
  • Understand best practice approaches to governance across the public, private and voluntary sectors
  • Understand how to strengthen accountability and scrutiny
  • Learn how M&E and benchmarking can help you improve your governance and compliance
  • Understand how the culture needs to support the governance mechanisms.

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.


Session One Overview and Introduction to Governance Best Practice

Overview of the principles and characteristics of robust governance
Commonalities in good governance and transferability across organisations, sectors and continents
Monitoring and evaluating to ensure full compliance and implementation
The role of Boards
Examples of corporate governance codes of practice
Techniques for applying methodologies from M&E to specific statutory and regulatory frameworks
Discussion of delegates’ experiences and sharing of approaches

Session Two Improving Accountability

Accountability in practice
Disclosure and transparency
Avoiding the negative effects of bureaucracy
Risk and governance
Effective reporting, scrutiny and learning lessons
The Principal / Agent problem and how to address it
Discussion of how delegate ideas for improving accountability


Session Three Benchmarking and Values in Governance Contexts

Distinguishing between processes and attitudes
Benchmarking internal compliance with organisational governance frameworks
Applying best practice above and beyond – ethical decision-making (what is it? how to do it, who to communicate it to, what to avoid)
The values and behaviours that support good governance
Good governance and better regulation
Facilitated discussion

Session Four Organisational Culture and Governance

What does organisational culture mean?
How can an organisational culture hinder or support good governance?
How does organisational culture impact on attitudes, behaviours, motivations, and performance?
How does culture change?
Promoting a compliance culture
Developing a continuous improvement culture
Delegate input


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This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.