German government agrees to 4.75% wage increase for public sector workers

By on 30/04/2016 | Updated on 24/09/2020
German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière led the negotiations on behalf of the government.

More than 2m public sector workers in Germany will see their wages rise by 4.75% over two years after unions staged several public sector strikes which last week grounded hundreds of flights.

Interior minister Thomas de Maizière, who was leading the negotiations on behalf of the government, yesterday announced the increase, which will be paid in two stages: 2.4% this year and 2.35% in February 2017.

Verdi, one of Germany’s biggest and most influential unions representing 2m public sector workers, which had initially demanded a 6% pay rise, hailed the result as “a compromise that clearly increases salaries, boosts purchasing power and helps make the public sector more attractive” to workers.

On Wednesday, walkouts by Verdi members forced the cancellation of more than 1,200 flights in and out of the country’s main airports, with flag carrier Lufthansa among the hardest hit.

The union had also recently organised work stoppages in hospitals, town halls and child care centres.

Yesterday’s agreement brings the bargaining process, which started in March, to an end.


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