Health and Wellbeing at Work – Three-Day L&D Programme

This is an open programme and an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.

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This three-day L&D course has been designed to enable you to bring real and tangible benefits to your working environment and to the wellbeing of yourself and your whole team.

Coping with pressure and stress can be a challenge at any time. It can be very difficult struggling with the constant demands of time and output while trying to juggle some sort of work-life balance, and people are not always able to cope. This means sick absences may rise, behaviours may change, conflict rises in the workplace and productivity is affected adversely.

Understanding how you can build resilience or provide support for others can be a game changer both for yourself and your team. This course will examine some of the ways in which you can improve your working environment by managing stress all round, reducing conflict, and also by using techniques that involve emotional intelligence improve wellbeing, motivation, collaboration and productivity.

Who is the course designed for?


The course helps people to identify strategies to manage their own potential stress factors and come away with an action plan. It will help you to manage and reduce conflict using properly grounded techniques and approaches, and it will be of use to anyone who wants to increase and make better use of your emotional intelligence to make your place of work one in which your colleagues are motivated to work together to achieve your individual and collective aims and outcomes.

How will you benefit from attending?

You will:
Identify the difference between stress and pressure
Understand the manifestations of stress and how to do something about it
Strategise how to deal with workplace and outside work pressures
Understand what usually causes conflict in the workplace across a range of contexts and sectors
Know how to work through ways to reduce and manage difficult situations so that your office can be a productive and enjoyable place to work
Understand the practical benefits of emotional intelligence and how this can help you and your team

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the organisational and personal impact of stress
  • Understand how to implement strategies for coping with pressure
  • Learn how to plan and prioritise
  • Learn techniques for “stress busting” effectively and for taking control of the pressure around you
  • Learn how to build your own Emotional Intelligence and how to use it effectively
  • Learn how to incorporate other perspectives into your thinking and team-orientated activities
  • Understand what causes conflict
  • Understand the different styles of resolving conflict
  • Give effective feedback on behaviours


Session One Understanding Pressure and Stress

What is stress and what is pressure? – definitions, analysis and discussion
What are the stress factors?
How do your working conditions and expectations contribute to pressure and stress?
Facilitated delegate discussion

Session Two Impact of Stress

How does stress manifest itself?
Why do I need to do something about it?  – Organisational and personal impact
Delegate experience sharing

Session Three Strategies for Coping

Strategies for coping with pressure at work to take control
Goals, long- and short-term planning and prioritising
Supervision and support, and what resources are available to you?
Understanding your diverse team’s mindsets
Coping with change and uncertainty at work
Engagement and communication
Sharing delegates’ experiences and initiatives

Lunch Break

Session Four Empowerment

Examination of how to say no to unreasonable requests – or no for now – without breaking work relationships
Identifying behaviour patterns in yourself and others – what can we learn from these and how can we use this knowledge to cope better?
What to avoid, and identifying what makes things worse

Session Five “Stress Busting”

Stress Busters for those areas I have no control over
Action Planning
Final discussion


Day Two Emotional Intelligence at Work

Session One Introduction and Discussion
Introduction to the concept of Emotional Intelligence
What is it, what does it do, what does it enable you to do?
Why is it so helpful in working well with colleagues, either in person or when working remotely
How does Emotional Intelligence overlap with other social interactions such as empathy, social skills, listening and being receptive to incoming information provided by others?

Session Two Harnessing Your Own Emotions Positively
How honest are you with yourself about your emotional states such as frustration, anxiety, or being unsure about something?
Approaches for managing your own emotions honestly and productively at work
Techniques for building your own Emotional Intelligence
Improve your social skills by using enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Session Three Using Your Emotions as a Guide to Other People: Emotional Intelligence in Action
Not everyone thinks or feels like you do, but they are all feeling something
How to put yourself “in other people’s shoes”
Tools for thinking about how your behaviour impacts on other people
Techniques for listening and understanding
Techniques for positive interaction and two-way dialogue

Lunch Break

Session Four Opening Up to Alternative Perspectives
How good are you at listening to other people?
Methods for thinking constructively from different perspectives
How to be open to other perspectives and new evidence or view-points when you’ve already made up your mind
Understanding other perspectives – multiple perspectives provide insight into other people’s views, approaches and feelings
Learning how to make the best use of colleagues’ input, advice, feelings, strengths

Session Five Applying Emotional Intelligence Positively and Productively in your Team
Analysis of the importance of Emotional Intelligence in team working collaborative activities
Evaluating emotional responses in others – tools and techniques
How to use Emotional Intelligence to best effect when interacting with colleagues in all contexts


Day Three Successfully Resolving Conflict at Work

Session One Different Types of Conflict at Work
The range of difficult situations and behaviours at work
Different types of conflict and when do they arise?
Symptoms of conflict vs root causes
Perspective, attitudes and conflict

Session Two The Importance of Effective Communication
The importance of effective listening skills and non-verbal communication
How perception can create challenges
Flexibility in communication style and identifying your communication strengths
Communicating with different personalities
Assertiveness without aggression
Feedback skills
Influencing skills and win-win solutions

Lunch Break

Session Three Different Approaches to Conflict
Five styles of conflict management
When to use different approaches
Improving your approach to conflict

Session Four Challenging Scenarios
Exploring different scenarios involving around conflict and “difficult people” and how best to address them
Applying influencing and feedback skills in different scenarios

Review of the Day and Questions


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This is an open programme and an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.