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Effective regulation is vital to protect consumers, society, health, the economy and the environment. Expectations of the level of protection that regulation should provide are steadily increasing. At the same time there is a need to manage the cost of regulation – e.g. the cost of operating regulation and also the costs incurred by those regulated. Stakeholders expect regulation to become “better” over time, a process of continous improvement. This event is designed to help people explore how regulation can be improved, in terms of reducing the burdens on those regulated and also improving the level of its effectiveness and efficiency (including by better use of digital tools).  

Who Should Attend and Why?

The course will be useful for those from independent regulators, civil servants, local government officials as well as anyone from the private and voluntary sectors who is involved in influencing government policy on regulatory issues. The event is designed for people with a variety of levels of experience – from those new to regulation to those with extensive experience who are seeking some fresh insights.

How You Will Benefit from Attending?

This course equips people with the insights and knowledge to be able to identify which areas of regulation could be improved and the options for improvement, how to remove unnecessary burdens while improving the targeting and effectiveness of regulation, and how to collaborate more effectively with both the regulated and those that regulation is designed to protect. 

Learning Objectives

As a result of attending this event delegates will:

  • Understand what is meant by “better regulation”
  • Appreciate the need for continuous improvement in regulation
  • Explore different approaches to regulatory assurance
  • Discuss different examples of self-regulation/de-regulation
  • Explore how digital tools can be used in regulation


Welcome and Introductions

Session One – Continuous Improvement in Regulation

  • The better regulation agenda
  • What do we mean by improvements in regulation? (E.g. improved protection, reduced administrative burdens for business/ industry etc)
  • The range of options for improving regulation
  • Collaborative approaches with the regulated
  • Why does the culture of the regulated matter?
  • What is meant by “ethical business regulation” and how is it used elsewhere?

Short Break

Session Two – Regulatory Assurance

  • Earned recognition and autonomy
  • Delegation of assurance of regulated tasks
  • Making assurance more effective

Main Break

Session Three – Different Regulatory Approaches

  • Deregulation (removing regulations) and regulatory simplification
  • Self-regulation and co-regulation
  • Principles vs rules-based approaches

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Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.