Making Artificial Intelligence accessible: the Finworks approach

By on 07/01/2019 | Updated on 07/01/2019

Many government organisations must gather and process large amounts of information – traditionally a labour-intensive job, resulting in periodical data reports. Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation can strip the legwork out of this process and provide real-time data management, giving public servants a much more detailed and accurate view of their sector.

But adapting AI and automation technologies to an organisation’s specific needs can be expensive and time-consuming, and many public bodies have instead opted for commercial off-the-shelf applications: one-size-fits-all systems that, whilst easier to install, can never realise the same benefits as bespoke AI solutions.

Times have changed – and today’s ‘Rapid Application Delivery’ techniques allow us to shape AI and process automation technologies around an organisation’s structures and goals within a matter of weeks. Working with one financial market regulator, Finworks has delivered an AI and automation system that has transformed its oversight of activity and risks within its sector – processing huge volumes of data to provide a real-time market view, whilst dramatically cutting the need for manual interventions.

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    How RPA & AI helped a Financial Regulator transform Data Management into Realtime Intelligence

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