Understanding Leadership in a Digitally Enabled and Data Driven World


This live, interactive and engaging online training seminar will examine the position and profile of modern leadership in a digitally enabled and data-driven world.

Leadership is key to any successful change. Engaging with opportunity, leaning into risk, and most importantly, bringing people on the journey of change willingly and safely. Yet, all too often leadership falls short of our focus when it comes to setting ourselves up for successful change and transformation, leading to 84% failure rates in some digital transformation efforts.

It is vital that governments succeed in their digital transformation efforts. Adopting a new profile for leadership is one of the most important ways to achieve this.

This seminar will look into the macro landscape of business and government and why the need for a new leadership mental model is required. We will then unpack exactly what that mental model looks like and the journey we can all take towards evidencing these mindsets in our own leadership practice to accelerate change and transformation all around us.



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