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This live, interactive and engaging online training seminar will examine the position and profile of modern leadership in a digitally enabled and data-driven world. Leadership is key to any successful change. Engaging with opportunity, leaning into risk, and most importantly, bringing people on the journey of change willingly and safely. Yet, all too often leadership falls short of our focus when it comes to setting ourselves up for successful change and transformation, leading to 84% failure rates in some digital transformation efforts. It is vital that governments succeed in their digital transformation efforts. Adopting a new profile for leadership is one of the most important ways to achieve this. This seminar will look into the macro landscape of business and government and why the need for a new leadership mental model is required. We will then unpack exactly what that mental model looks like and the journey we can all take towards evidencing these mindsets in our own leadership practice to accelerate change and transformation all around us.
23 September 2021
Digital, Management, Leadership and Teams, Strategy
This course will help you assess your organisation’s procedures and guidance. Recognise how you and your organisation can improve best practise in your recruitment processes, and how you can best apply these in the current context of remote working and remote interviewing. This interactive and practical event is designed to help you work as effectively as possible by alerting you to the most important mistakes to avoid when interviewing people for jobs. The seminar will enable you to select the best person for the job rather than, for example, the person who reflects your own biases.
28 September 2021
Communications, Management, Leadership and Teams, Strategy
Coping with pressure and stress can be a challenge at any time. In the current context of remote, hybrid or office-based working in the Covid pandemic, people can find their working situation even more acutely stressful than ever. It can be very difficult struggling with the constant demands of time and output, work while trying to juggle some sort of work-life balance, and people are not always able to cope. This means sick absences may rise, behaviours may change, conflict rises in the workplace and productivity is affected adversely. Understanding how you can build resilience or provide support for others can be a game changer. This live virtual training seminar addresses the differences between pressure and stress, what they mean, how they impact, how they can manifest in you and others, and why it is imperative to do something about it.
12 October 2021
Management, Leadership and Teams, Wellbeing
This is a two-day training seminar, delivered live and remotely on Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st October. On the second day of the seminar, we shall be joined live by Dame Una O’Brien DCB, who was Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health from 2010 to 2016. She was previously the Department’s Director General of Policy and Strategy. Dame Una will be providing a case study which will comprise a detailed analysis of a strategy, policy and project, with insights into how to manage these effectively, as well as examining what not to do and what can go wrong in a complex strategic policy context. This seminar provides two days of practical training, providing a comprehensive guide to policy-making for practitioners. The seminar will be very interactive, with a mixture of presentation, analysis, facilitated discussion, experience sharing and exercises that will provide practical insights.
19 October 2021
Delivery, Policy, Strategy
This live and interactive seminar has been designed for everyone who is becoming involved in the provision of digital services in government. The subjects covered provide a comprehensive overview of what digital service provision means, what the public expect from digital government services, how to design and implement digital services, how to ensure that your colleagues are on-board, and how to communicate with the public. It will also look at what works well and what pitfalls to avoid.
28 October 2021
Delivery, Digital, Project Planning, Strategy
‘Personality’ difference is often cited as a cause of disagreement and even conflict in teams. We like people who are similar to us, as they mirror the behaviours that we find rewarding, and they share what motivates us and drives us. This can mean, however, that we sometimes overlook or fail to make the effort to understand others who are different from us. Both internally and externally, this can have a significant impact on our ability to build strong business relationships. During the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to explore drivers of behaviours. We will also use various communication models and theories to analyse, understand and identify how we can adapt our communication styles and our own behaviours to build and influence effective business relations. In the context of remote working in the Covid pandemic, relationship-building can be even more of a challenge, and the seminar will examine ways to tackle this new context of meeting people most effectively.
9 November 2021
Communications, Management, Leadership and Teams
So you understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a shared vision of the future in your organisation; you probably know about key strategy tools such as SWOT and PESTLE. Maybe you have a strategic plan. What next? This interactive and practical event builds on the foundations of strategic thinking and goes beyond it to explore • how to innovate boldly • how to adapt rapidly • and how to implement successfully Understanding these three ingredients of success is vital to ensure that you can deliver on strategic goals in a rapidly changing environment. This live virtual seminar will take you though these steps to enable you to operate more successfully in your current and future roles.
16 November 2021
Delivery, Strategy
This live, interactive seminar will take the theory and reflection from the seminar: Leadership in a Digitally Enabled and Data Driven World and start to head deeper into the actual method we use for transformation and nurturing modern leadership from the inside out. We’ll also take a look at some of the techniques and exercises that support our ability to accelerate change in ourselves as well as those around us. This session is focused on the application of theory and method into our daily leadership practice, so all leaders should be prepared to experiment, be open and take a journey into the new world of leadership - as a set of mindsets rather than capabilities.
23 November 2021
Delivery, Digital, Management, Leadership and Teams
Managing people is one of the trickiest roles any of us can undertake. In the current context of remote working, it can be even more of a challenge. The new way of working requires both tried and tested approaches to leading and working with your team, as well as new ideas, including empowering your colleagues, providing extra support in all areas of activity and interaction, and building in as much flexibility as possible. We will look at how to build trust, how to stay ahead of the game in terms of managing your team’s workload, influence productivity with regular channels of communication, and how to foster the spirit of collaborative effort when everyone is located remotely from each other, or in a hybrid mixture of remote and office-based locations.
25 November 2021
Communications, Management, Leadership and Teams
This live, interactive online training seminar will examine the most effective approaches to delivering change in individual or group behaviour through policy interventions. Political imperatives and the need for rapid action can mean the deep psychological level on which the public respond to new policy interventions can be overlooked, misunderstood, or even omitted. Yet policy interventions that do not take account of public attitudes and behaviours are likely to under-deliver or fail.
30 November 2021
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Strategy