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This workshop offers an opportunity to look at all the issues that can arise when managing performance. It will discuss and plan strategies to deal with them. This activity as part of your team management is particularly important in the current context of managing remote teams successfully, and it can play an important role in motivating your staff in their remote and hybrid working conditions.
23 June 2021
Management, Leadership and Teams
This live, interactive online training seminar will examine the most effective approaches to delivering change in individual or group behaviour through policy interventions. Political imperatives and the need for rapid action can mean the deep psychological level on which the public respond to new policy interventions can be overlooked, misunderstood, or even omitted. Yet policy interventions that do not take account of public attitudes and behaviours are likely to under-deliver or fail.
29 June 2021
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Strategy
Achieving the successful delivery of public good by means of policy intervention is one of the primary rationales for the existence of the civil service and the wider public service. Public good underpins and even defines the ethos of a civil service dedicated to supporting the public in a way that the private business sector cannot do. The concept of public good beyond standard Value for Money criteria is a key element of this ethos. This seminar will analyse the practicalities of delivering this concept in the real world. It will look in highly practical terms at ways in which policies that are based on these ideals can actually be developed, implemented and successfully delivered. The seminar will focus on approaches and methodologies that can be taken in order to address these challenges effectively, providing practical frameworks that can be used in a variety of distinct contexts and cultures.
8 July 2021
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Strategy
This seminar is designed to give you an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities you face as a leader developing and communicating your policy. It is intended to equip you with a better understanding of how to steer your policy through ambiguity and a fast-changing landscape, especially in the current context of remote and hybrid working. We will look at what qualities an effective leader needs and how to apply these in the policy world. We will consider how to work effectively with stakeholders across government and beyond, applying established best practice to the current context of remote meetings. And together we will look at some tools to help you influence others and negotiate successful outcomes.
15 July 2021
Management, Leadership and Teams, Policy, Strategy
Improving your EQ level is good for you, your team’s motivation and your organisation’s productivity. Leaders with good levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) invariably manage organisations with happier and more productive staff. It is one of the most important skill competences in senior managers, and it can be really helpful in building more fruitful collaborative working relationships. It can be used as a vital tool in delivering team and organisational performance, improving motivation, productivity, and even profitability. This seminar is designed to help staff at all levels of seniority to be more aware of how EQ can help in your roles. Whether you work as part of a collaborative team or as a leader of multiple teams, your own health and performance can be improved by understanding and using some practical tools and techniques. This is a skill set and an approach that you can learn, and it is particularly helpful and useful for understanding how your colleagues are thinking and working in the current context of remote and hybrid working due to the Covid pandemic.
20 July 2021
Management, Leadership and Teams, Wellbeing
This course will help you recognise your own challenges in working from home and cultivate your motivation and professional tool set. By the end of this day you will feel able to deliver an enhanced professionalism and reliability within your team and provide more practical support. You will be enabled to become more productive, better organised, and more confident in your own abilities. This in turn will encourage your colleagues to notice your input and realise an increased respect for you as a person and professional member of the workforce.
22 July 2021
Delivery, Management, Leadership and Teams, Wellbeing
Every organisation needs to engage – with staff and stakeholders, with the media, with government and regulators, and with the public. But too often, communications are tactical, responsive and fragmented. Strategic Communications is about building engagement that delivers your organisation’s core aims by: Developing and delivering strategic aims; Building constructive relationships; Understanding and influencing opinion; Managing risk and reputation This one-day live, interactive virtual training seminar will introduce the main concepts, which are all applicable across different professional settings and national cultures, as they are based on understanding how people think, how they listen and how they respond to information, which are deep human behavioural traits.
14 September 2021
Communications, Strategy
A strategy is only as good as its implementation. This course considers the challenge of strategic policy with an emphasis on implementation and delivery. It guides you through a series of questions and tools that will enable you to make strategic choices that are more feasible, that better address the key challenges you face, that work in different future scenarios, and that result in sustained changes and better results for your organisation.
16 September 2021
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Risk Management, Strategy
This live, interactive and engaging online training seminar will examine the position and profile of modern leadership in a digitally enabled and data-driven world. Leadership is key to any successful change. Engaging with opportunity, leaning into risk, and most importantly, bringing people on the journey of change willingly and safely. Yet, all too often leadership falls short of our focus when it comes to setting ourselves up for successful change and transformation, leading to 84% failure rates in some digital transformation efforts. It is vital that governments succeed in their digital transformation efforts. Adopting a new profile for leadership is one of the most important ways to achieve this. This seminar will look into the macro landscape of business and government and why the need for a new leadership mental model is required. We will then unpack exactly what that mental model looks like and the journey we can all take towards evidencing these mindsets in our own leadership practice to accelerate change and transformation all around us.
23 September 2021
Digital, Management, Leadership and Teams, Strategy
This course will help you assess your organisation’s procedures and guidance. Recognise how you and your organisation can improve best practise in your recruitment processes, and how you can best apply these in the current context of remote working and remote interviewing. This interactive and practical event is designed to help you work as effectively as possible by alerting you to the most important mistakes to avoid when interviewing people for jobs. The seminar will enable you to select the best person for the job rather than, for example, the person who reflects your own biases.
28 September 2021
Communications, Management, Leadership and Teams, Strategy