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Every organisation needs to engage – with staff and stakeholders, with the media, with government and regulators, and with the public. But too often, communications are tactical, responsive and fragmented. Strategic Communications is about building engagement that delivers your organisation’s core aims by: Developing and delivering strategic aims; Building constructive relationships; Understanding and influencing opinion; Managing risk and reputation This one-day live, interactive virtual training seminar will introduce the main concepts, which are all applicable across different professional settings and national cultures, as they are based on understanding how people think, how they listen and how they respond to information, which are deep human behavioural traits.
10 February 2022
Communications, Strategy
Effective regulation is vital to protect consumers, society, health, the economy and the environment. At the same time there is a need to manage the cost of regulation - e.g. the cost of operating regulation and also the costs incurred by those regulated. This live virtual training seminar is designed to help participants explore the idea of dynamic regulation. It will analyse how to approach regulation in a way that addresses current needs but that is also capable of adapting to future challenges. In a fast-changing world, regulation needs to take a dynamic and evolutionary approach. The day’s topics will emphasise the implications for the work of those designing policy as well as that of regulators. The course reflects the latest thinking on regulatory best practice. This highly interactive event will explore how this best practice can be applied to likely future challenges for those working in every aspect of the regulatory cycle, from policy development to regulatory enforcement.
22 February 2022
Delivery, Policy, Regulation, Risk Management, Strategy
Regulation is necessary is to protect consumers, society, health, the economy and the environment. It is most effective when it is targeted where the risks to those the regulation is designed to protect are greatest. This live virtual training seminar is designed to help participants understand how regulation can be improved by using risk management both when designing the regulation and in operating it. It explores what it means to be “risk-based” in practice and how the risk issues in regulation need to be communicated. This highly interactive event will explore how best practice in targeting regulation can be applied across different types of regulators.
24 February 2022
Policy, Regulation, Risk Management, Strategy
This live virtual training seminar covers being effective in negotiations with others who may take a different view or seek alternative outcomes. It provides a practical and interactive approach to using influence when consulting with stakeholders and provides opportunities to practise negotiation skills within the seminar workshop, as well as back in the workplace.
10 March 2022
Communications, Strategy
Tuesday 15th and Tuesday 22nd March. This training seminar will take place on two consecutive Tuesdays, 15th March and 22nd March. Each training session will last for three hours. The seminar is designed to enable those involved in the delivery of digital services in Government to understand the capabilities required for success. The subjects covered will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the typical skills required within a digital organisation, why these are needed, and how these can be grown and retained. It demonstrates how they are applied in a typical digital service and how these capabilities relate to each other using clear examples and case studies. The seminar also discusses how existing parts of an organisation work with digital teams to further optimise delivery, and shows what may need to change to further support the new digital paradigm.
15 March 2022
This remote, live training course is focussed on working in the most effective way with your manager and their team. We will consider how to improve professional interactions and explore existing perceptions held about ourselves. The course is focused around building your confidence and the impression you create to others. It is about helping you to know and embrace your natural skills and providing a structure for developing other areas. We will focus on your communication and behaviour in a professional environment to help you to step up and hold your own in meetings and with management. This course will help you build the skills and tools you need to make that upwards career move.
17 March 2022
Communications, Wellbeing
Monitoring and Evaluation are integral to policy development. Done properly, they can provide objective, reliable information about the impact and effectiveness of your policies. Without them, you will have no way of assessing if your policy has been a success. This half-day seminar will look at where they fit in the policy cycle and why they are essential elements in the policy development process. It will also look at ways you can use Monitoring and Evaluation to improve existing policies and develop better ones.
23 March 2022
Policy, Project Planning
This live, interactive online training seminar will examine the most effective approaches to delivering change in individual or group behaviour through policy interventions. Political imperatives and the need for rapid action can mean the deep psychological level on which the public respond to new policy interventions can be overlooked, misunderstood, or even omitted. Yet policy interventions that do not take account of public attitudes and behaviours are likely to under-deliver or fail.
6 April 2022
Online Canada, USA and Caribbean
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Strategy
This half-day live seminar looks at a variety of challenging conflict situations that people typically tend to face in the workplace when inter-personal relations are not running as smoothly as they would like. It examines different types of conflict that can arise, and looks at how you should approach dealing with these using a variety of successfully tried and tested techniques. The seminar will also examine the crucial role of communication in dealing with conflict so that it can be successfully reduced, managed and ultimately resolved.
7 April 2022
Communications, Management, Leadership and Teams, Wellbeing

Organisations and teams perform better when they include the best people who come from a range of perspectives and backgrounds. Diversity is a valuable asset, providing a richer environment of ideas and views. Managing diversity is about recognising difference and acknowledging the benefit of having a range of perspectives in decision-making. This is supported by having a workforce and teams that are representative of the organisation’s stakeholders and customers. It is about valuing everyone in the organisation as an individual. In order to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce it is vital to have an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential.

Leaders will develop better policies and services if they build teams that make good use of differences in perspectives, ways of thinking, and personality types.  The course addresses the challenges (as well as opportunities) that may arise from different personality types and those with different perspective working together and how to manage these challenges.

This highly interactive course goes beyond issues of legal compliance and primarily focuses on the team management issues and opportunities that arise from diversity. (There will be an opportunity to discuss the different equality frameworks in the delegates’ various countries.)

26 April 2022
Governance, Management, Leadership and Teams