Introduction to Providing Customer-Centric Digital Services in Government

28 October 2021
Project Planning


This live and interactive seminar has been designed for everyone involved in the provision of digital services in government.

The subjects covered provide a comprehensive overview of what digital service provision means, what the public expect from digital government services, how to design and implement digital services, how to ensure that your colleagues are on-board, and how to communicate with the public. It will also look at what works well and what pitfalls to avoid.

Who is this seminar designed for?

The seminar is designed for staff at all organisational levels in the public sector who need to quickly acquire a thorough understanding of the overall framework of digital service provision, from the rationale, through the main concepts, and on to design, implementation and roll-out.  

How will you benefit from attending?

You will be confident that you understand the key concepts of digital service provision, that you appreciate the importance of effective approaches to internal and external communications with colleagues and customers, and that you know how to successfully plan any projects in this field that you are involved in now or in the future.  

Learning Outcomes

You will understand:

  • The rationale and benefits of digital service provision in government
  • Key concepts, such as agile development, risk analysis and capacity assessment, and AI
  • How to go about designing user-friendly, correctly-focused, customer-centric digital services that deliver what they are supposed to, and what your customers want them to
  • The scope of services that have been provided so far in different contexts and what still needs to be digitised in government to provide state-of-the-art customer services
  • Internal and external communications strategies
  • Project planning to deliver organisational strategies through your team’s action planning and implementation activities


Thursday 28th October
Times on the Agenda are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Start time in EST (Eastern Standard Time): 08:00. Finish time 14:00
Start time in BST (British Summer Time): 13:00. Finish time 19:00

12:00 Session One: Introduction and Overview
What is it? Examination of the scope of customer-centric digital service provision
What is the rationale for digitising customer services in government?
What are the benefits for providers and users?
What kind of government services have been digitised so far and what is the potential range? – Examples and analysis of any common characteristics
What does digital transformation in service provision mean in practice?

13:00 Session Two: Key Concepts to Understand

Analysis of the key characteristics of user-centric design and user-focused digital service provision
Benefits analysis – methods for application in digital service provision
Agile – what does this mean for digital service provision?
AI – digitising the analysis of incoming data and evidence
Understanding users’ opinions, preferences and habits – what does this mean in terms of product concept design?
Assessment of organisational/team capacity and expertise
Identifying generic risk and making use if specific risk analysis methodologies     

14:00 Session Three: Preparing the Ground Internally
How do you change organisational and team cultures, thinking and attitudes and overcome resistance to change?
Understanding colleagues’ behaviour and listening to concerns
Approaches for achieving buy-in – communications, setting realistic, credible targets, empowering innovation with balanced responsibility and freedom
Discussion of delegates’ experiences and approaches

15:00 Break

16:00 Session Four: External Communications Strategies
Why would your customers want to change their behaviour? – what’s in it for them?
Planning and implementing communications strategies, including narratives, advocacy and persuasion
Identifying users and segmenting audiences, ensuring inclusivity and involving hard-to-reach groups

17:00 Session Five: Project Planning for Digital Transformation
Who’s doing what? – putting the right people in place, personnel resource planning
Fundamentals of project planning – products, processes, progress measurement, performance management, timescales, contingencies, M&E
How to make robust project plans and deliverable route maps in digital service design and roll-out
Final discussion

18:00 Close

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The price of attending this one-day Virtual Training Seminar is:
CAD 870 per person
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GBP 500 per person
USD 690 per person

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