Leading a Remote Policy Team

7 December 2021
Management, Leadership and Teams


This seminar is designed to give you an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities you face as a leader developing and communicating your policy both within your team and externally. It is intended to equip you with a better understanding of how to steer your policy through ambiguity and a fast-changing landscape, especially in the current context of remote and hybrid working. 

We will look at which qualities an effective leader needs and how to apply these in the policy world. We will consider how to work effectively with stakeholders across government and beyond, applying established best practice to the current context of remote meetings. And together we will look at some tools to help you influence others and negotiate successful outcomes.

Who is it designed for?

The seminar is designed for team leaders working in lead policy roles in the civil service and wider public sector who wish to ensure that they are making the best use of their skills in the current context of remote and hybrid working.

How will you benefit from attending?

You will:

  • Feel more confident handling the complexities of policy and coping with uncertainty and change, especially in the current context of remote and hybrid working
  • Have a greater understanding of the skills and capabilities needed to lead a policy team in remote working situations
  • Be clearer about when to seek expert support and how to work with external stakeholders and manage those relationships effectively, and how to do this most effectively in current circumstances
  • Learn from the experiences of others on the event

Learning outcomes

  • Understand models of strategy and policy and ensure that you can apply and communicate these in the context of remote and hybrid working
  • Learn how to establish policy visions, and how to manage this process in remote policy teams
  • Understand the roles of experts and stakeholders, and how to manage the process of working with outside input in remote contexts
  • Analyse and understand how to delegate and lead in a virtual world


Times on the Agenda are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Start time in EST (Eastern Standard Time): 08:00. Finish time 14:00

13:00 Session One

Policy and Strategy

  • Welcome, introductions and overview
  • Policy and strategy: sharing understanding of definitions
  • Analysis of models
  • Building in versatility to manage processes remotely
  • Sharing delegates’ experiences
14:00 Session Two

Group Exercise

  • Establishing policy visions
  • Ensuring effective communications and buy-in within remote and hybrid teams
  • Facilitated discussion
15:00 Session Three

Leaders, Teams and Experts

  • Examination of the roles of leaders, teams and outside experts
  • Ensuring clear lines of communication between these in remote working – procedures and approaches
  • Delegate input
16:00 Break and Individual Exercise: Working with Stakeholders
17:00 Session Four

Leading through Uncertainty

  • Approaches to leading your team and colleagues through different kinds of uncertainty
  • Focus on remote and hybrid working in generating uncertainty
  • Identifying methods to predict, mitigate and manage uncertainty
  • Influencing skills
  • Discussion of delegates’ views and experiences
18:00 Session Five

Delegation Skills and Leadership

  • Delegation skills and leading in a virtual world
  • Considerations and techniques
  • Sharing of delegate input and review of the day
19:00 Close

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The price of attending this one-day Virtual Training Seminar is:
CAD 870 per person
EUR 580 per person
GBP 500 per person
USD 690 per person

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