Option Appraisal and Decision-Making in Policy

20 April 2023

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This half-day event is designed to help you to understand and apply best practice in designing and appraising policy options to solve problems and support the decision-making process. 

We will explore various models of the policy process and where option appraisal fits. We will look at how to establish desired policy outcomes and objectives, and how to decide on criteria for weighing up the various options available for achieving the desired outcomes. We will also examine the priorities of decision-takers and their needs, particularly in the political context.

The session will comprise a mix of guidance, discussion and practical exercises, and include breaks away from the screen.

Who is the seminar designed for?

The seminar is designed for anyone who is involved in the policy process who wishes to improve their understanding of how to appraise options in order to facilitate the making of sound decisions based on robust criteria and procedures.

How will you benefit from attending?

You will learn how to apply best practice approaches in the option appraisal process, and understand how your work in this area constitutes such a vital tool in decision-making, enabling you to develop a better understanding of this part of the policy cycle.  

Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • Understand the principles of option appraisal;
  • Recognise the needs of political decision takers;
  • Have tried out some practical approaches to option appraisal;
  • Learn from the experiences of others on the event.  

Times on the Agenda are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Start time in EST (Eastern Standard Time): 08:00. Finish time 12:00
Start time in British Summer Time: 13:00. Finish time 17:00

12:00 Welcome and Introductions

Overview of the scope of the subject

The policy context: models of policy processes

Establishing policy outcomes and objectives

Developing policy options


Option appraisal: guidance and breakout exercise

The political context: what decision-takers need

Risks and implications in policy

Review of the workshop

16:00 Close

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The price of attending this Virtual Training Seminar is:
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