Women into Leadership I

27 March 2025
Management, Leadership and Teams

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In practically whichever country you look at, women tend to be under-represented at the higher organisational levels. Many countries have legislation in place to address this issue, but even where discrimination and pay disparity are illegal, such bad practices often seem to continue with apparent impunity, often at alarmingly significant levels, despite the best intentions of the legislators.

Other factors can also hold women back, ranging from external perceived expectations about leadership profiles, job roles, or a lack of opportunity, through to personal issues such as self-confidence and an absence of obvious career ladders for women to progress.

Global Government Forum are pleased to present two stand-alone, but complementary seminars that look into a wide range of issues affecting women who are either looking to move into leadership roles, or who are already in such roles, and who wish to equip themselves for a further upwards move.  

Who is the seminar designed for?

The seminar is designed for women who are seeking to move into a more senior role and who want to understand what works in terms of overcoming obstacles and achieving promotion for women, why it works, and how they can make it work for them.

How will you benefit from attending?

You will develop a far deeper understanding of the external and internal factors that can hold women back, and most importantly, what actions you can realistically take to overcome these obstacles.

Learning outcomes on Day One
You will:
Learn how to define and write your own leadership statement
Understand the significance of language in creating gender biases
Understand various leadership models and the skills and attributes they emphasise
Examine self-perception and value systems
Understand contextual disparities in women’s roles
Examine biases and challenges and how to overcome them

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Times on the Agenda are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Start time in Eastern Time 08:00. Finish time 12:30
Start time in the UK 13:00. Finish time 17:30

13:00 Welcome and Introductions

Session One Defining Leadership – Creating your own Leadership Statement /Vision Exercise

  • What is a Vision Statement?
  • Why have one
  • How it helps engage your employees
  • Words to capture hearts and minds
  • Language as a barrier in creating our own gender biases

Session Two The Skills, Qualities, and Attributes of a Leader and Women in Leadership

  • Why are women needed at senior levels and why is there still a disparity?
  • Based on various Leadership models over the years including new ones
  • A leader who inspires, engages, and encourages innovation- can you give me all that?

Session Three My Self-Perception Leadership Questionnaire

  • Self-reflection individual
  • Smaller group work – similarities and differences

Session Four Unpacking the differences and similarities in Perceptions


Session Five What do I Value?

  • What I value at work and what I value outside of work. Values aligned to behaviour and how women are perceived, intersectionality and the biases go up.
  • Rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Developing further my strengths, deciding which weaknesses to let go and which to change or reframe:
  • Six My Personal Brand

Session Six Barriers and Challenges – societal, workplace, self-imposed

Session Seven Unconscious and Conscious Biases and Discrimination 

Strategies to stop, start and continue to deal with challenges and improving disparity:

  • Recruitment/ Promotion and Positive Action schemes-
  • Maternity
  • Performance management and Pay disparity
  • Caring responsibilities and hybrid working

17:30 Close

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The price of attending this Virtual Training Seminar is:
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USD $320 per person

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Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.