Delivering Results at Work: Essential Success Skills for New Managers

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.


This live virtual training seminar provides an overview of the key aspects of a manager’s role, then focuses on four essential core skills that will enable you to quickly deliver results and get recognition for your achievements. This interactive and practical virtual seminar explores how best to manage time and priorities, plan strategically, communicate will all colleagues brilliantly, and manage upwards to ensure you are seen to be delivering effectively. These are four key areas that can make a massive difference to the perception of your performance as a new manager and enable you make further progress in your career.

Who is the seminar designed for?

You should attend this if you are a new manager or if you aspire to become a new manager. More experienced managers may also wish to attend to gain useful new insights that will enable you to progress further in your career. The issues addressed in this event apply across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

How will you benefit from attending?

By attending this event you will gain an understanding of four practical success skills that will help you quickly make an impact as a new manager.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to prioritise your work and that of your team, in order to focus on what is important, not just urgent
  • Appreciate why strategic planning matters and what it means for you as a manager
  • Be able to communicate with, and influence, colleagues more effectively
  • Know how to present yourself in a way that will have the maximum positive impact on how you are seen by your management

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.


Session One Introduction – Foundations of Management

  • What characteristics do good and successful managers have and display?
  • Objective setting
  • Motivating people
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Leading by example
  • How do you make a good impression on people?

Skill One Managing Your New and Varied Workload

  • Urgent vs Important
  • Managing multiple work streams at the same time
  • Prioritising workflow and getting through it all effectively
  • Tips and techniques for working smart, maintaining focus and momentum while multi-tasking
  • Avoiding long hours through sustained concentration

Skill Two Strategic Planning

  • Defining what you want to and what you can achieve
  • The need for focus
  • Managing the nexus between strategy and planning
  • Methods for moving seamlessly from planning to implementation
  • Agreeing realistic timescales and ensuring you have the resources for delivering results
  • Addressing strategic risks and project planning

Lunch Break

Skill Three Communicating Effectively with Your Colleagues and Team

  • Tips for understanding your new relationships
  • What new responsibilities do you have and how do you plan to cope with them?
  • Managing people: tips, techniques, legal obligations, what to avoid
  • The basics of emotional intelligence in personal interaction and motivation
  • Communicating with your team effectively – feedback, influencing skills and synergies
  • What characterises an effective team?

Skill Four Managing Upwards

  • What do we mean by this and how can it help you to be effective?
  • Developing a rapid understanding of a 360-degree organisational picture
  • The key factors that influence your management’s perception of you
  • Tips for interacting effectively with senior colleagues: Perception, confidence, preparation, presenting effectively
  • How do other people perceive you and what can you do to change it if necessary?
  • Personal action plans and areas to focus on


Our training seminars are based on

  • A vast reservoir of knowledge about effective, delivery-focused approaches that are designed to enable you to achieve better results in your place of work
  • Expert practitioner and thought-leader experience, covering a comprehensive range of practical knowledge and people skills, to help you to work more productively
  • International perspectives and experience, enabling transferability and applicability wherever in the world you are from

Our training team

  • Our L&D team have all had successful careers as practitioners in their fields of expertise. They bring their experience, knowledge and skills to support the professional development of other public servants
  • Our team all now work as professional trainers, blending practitioner experience with professionally designed L&D solutions
  • Between them, our team have provided training for more than 100,000 public servants from 120 countries

Our training ethos

  • We deliver people-focused training designed to help you perform better
  • We provide practical insights, based on years of experience about what works, combined with practical methods to help you to make it work effectively in your own organisation
  • We are here to help you to perform better

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.