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Digital Publishing

What we do is the first and only independent journalistic outlet serving senior civil servants from around the world. Founded in 2014, we publish high-quality news, features and interviews designed to help central government officials in their working lives – and we do so at no cost to the public purse, funding this free service with the support of commercial partners.

Our mission is to help senior officials develop their careers, their organisations and their governments by learning about the experiences and views of their peers overseas. These days, few of the challenges facing governments stop at national boundaries: criminals and terrorists, environmental threats and socio-cultural changes, for example, all move freely across borders. And if civil servants are to support politicians in protecting and assisting their populations, they too must work across those boundaries – building links with and learning from colleagues and allies around the world.

So our news coverage keeps readers informed about relevant initiatives, debates, research, appointments and reports. Our features explore innovative ideas, successful policies, emerging threats and government capabilities. And our interviews ask top government officials what they’ve learned about how to tackle common challenges, exploring each country’s approach to developing its civil service’s structures, systems and capabilities.

Who we reach is read in over 200 countries and territories, receiving up to 60,000 visitors per month – the vast majority of whom are identified senior officials in central government jobs. Our website uses Google Translate to present articles in each visitor’s chosen language.

This readership presents an attractive audience for businesses which want to raise their profile or get their messages across to senior officials, and we fund our editorial operations via commercial partnerships: our partners sponsor topic areas, take out advertising and present sponsored articles, all of which are promoted in our email bulletins. All such material is clearly labelled as sponsored, but – thanks to our readers’ trust in our site and our partners’ intelligent approach – our commercial partners receive high volumes of traffic to their content.

For commercial enquiries, email [email protected] or call +44 20 76617810

For editorial enquiries, email Mia Hunt at [email protected] or call +44 20 7031 8500

Want to write for us? is seeking ‘stringers’ to provide articles on relevant issues within their own region, targeted at a worldwide audience. Our stringers provide regular news pieces and occasional features and interviews, tailored for senior public officials – particularly those running departments, serving prime ministers and other senior politicians, or overseeing cross-cutting functions such as government IT, auditing or HR. Contributors must have a high standard of English, a good understanding of government within their region, and a feel for the audience’s needs and interests.

To learn more, email [email protected]