Accelerating digital transformation: how intelligent automation can set the foundations for government and healthcare of the future

March 24, 2022
Digital & technology

The coronavirus pandemic has seen government and healthcare move at pace to offer services online and remotely in an effort to ensure that citizens and patients could continue to access the essential services they needed at a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Services such as unemployment claims, support to businesses and health communications and scheduling were moved online quickly, and all while  public servants and staff members supporting healthcare operations themselves had to work remotely.

Due to the need for immediate action, these abrupt shifts  often simply involved a digitisation of existing systems and service requests, introduced without time to consider whether the underlying processes were efficient and effective.

But with citizen and patient demand ever increasing and growing demographic and budgetary pressures at play, public sector and health organisations now have the unprecedented need and opportunity to incorporate  intelligent automation technologies to set the foundations for accelerated digital and service transformation.

This emerging movement will soon represent the new normal of How Work Gets Done within the public service and health organisations, with human performance  augmented by automated digital tools to deliver improved operations and  results.  This webinar will hear from leaders of organisations that have developed and executed plans and are  realising the full benefits of intelligent automation. It will look at how they reviewed their business processes, where they first introduced automation, and how they implemented changes. It will also reveal how  the application of intelligent automation technologies  has freed their human workforces’ time and talents  from the executing routine tasks to developing innovative new services all of which is producing better outcomes for citizens and patients.

This webinar will cover:

  • How can organisations develop a future operating model that makes the most of intelligent automation
  • Where can government and healthcare organisations deploy intelligent automation, from back office shared services to citizen and patient services
  • How organisations have used the deployment of  intelligent automation to create enhanced capability and capacity within their organisations and freed up time for staff for more complex activities.

Public servants can register here for free to attend this webinar