A Strategic Overview of Data in the Civil Service

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This course is designed to provide participants with all the information that you need to know about working with data in the civil service. It covers an in-depth presentation of a wide range of data-related topics, and provides the kind of clarity that you need to have in order to confidently use data in your role, whether you are just getting started out with data or you are already beginning to see some of its benefits in your workplace. It is designed for civil servants who are at a wide range of career levels, as much of the information you will learn will be new to you whatever your role, responsibilities or experience.

Who is the seminar designed for?

The seminar is for all those working in the civil service and the wider public sector whose roles would benefit from a fuller understanding of how data is impacting on your work stream now and how it will do so in the future. It is intended to be of use for anyone who needs to have this knowledge at their fingertips in order to make real progress with this rapidly-developing area of activity.

Benefits of attending
You will learn about a comprehensive range of data subjects, all of which are becoming more and more relevant to you roles, whatever area of policy development or service delivery you are involved in. You will be provided with a thorough presentation and analysis of the various aspects of the subject, and how you can use it to best advantage in your current and future roles.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Understand the main principles of information governance and the government bodies involved
  • Understand different types of data (operational, analytical, synthetic, data pools, sets and registers)
  • Learn how using data can generate public value from your workstream
  • Learn about compliance and your responsibilities, and how regulatory frameworks function in practice
  • Examine the importance of standards and how these can help you manage and use data most effectively
  • Look at the importance of ethics in the use of data
  • Examine how to measure, evaluate and mitigate risk in data-related activity
  • Learn how to develop a data strategy, or how you can fit into your organisational strategic plans most effectively and confidently


What is Data-Driven Government?
What is data?
What is information?
Information governance, records management and knowledge management
Different types of data – operational data, analytical data, data registers, data pools or sets, synthetic data

Quality and Standards
ISOs and Data Standards Authority
ONS role in providing data on a national basis with statistics
National Archives

Overview of the legislative and regulatory landscapes
UK GDPR and the UK data protection framework – four data classification levels: public data, internal data, confidential data, and restricted data
FOI, EIR and transparency in government, scrutiny of the decision-making process in the civil service, audit and public accountability, balancing privacy and consent
Overarching principles of participation, transparency, accountability, data sharing

Long Break

The Current State of Play and Generating Public Value from Data
Data and the digitisation of public service delivery
Government initiatives: National Data Strategy, Data Standards Authority, Open Gov, Data Ethics Framework
Case studies – How does data generate public value and aid decision-making
Using data to evaluate policy, performance ROI and VFM

Developing a Data Strategy
Overarching aims and actions
Data architecture, interoperability, compatibility and common standards
Leadership and Ethics
Building alliances – Driving data use and compliance
Communications and achieving organisational and external buy-in
Incorporating data ethics into policy and decision-making processes

Risk Management
Overview of risk
People, risk owners – who is responsible for what?
Processes – risk matrices
Physical structures and cyber security

Discussion, Questions and Close

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Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.