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Global Government Forum provides a wide range of live, interactive training courses which build on our ethos of providing high-quality events and information for civil servants from around the world. Our courses are listed below, or for bespoke training programmes visit our About our training page for more information. For more details on our trainers visit Trainer biographies. We provide training delivered both virtually and face-to-face.

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As more and more data is becoming available to civil servants in digital formats, including live information provided in real time, there are vast new opportunities being opened up for informing and supporting policy and decision making processes. Data can be analysed, processed and its insights presented and assimilated in a way that previously took weeks or months. This seminar is designed to help you to understand and make the most of these opportunities by showing you a methodical way to harness the information in an efficient and timely way to inform your policy work.
25 April 2024
Data, Delivery, Digital, Policy
This highly practical training course is designed to help you to develop your skills and confidence in writing briefings for senior officials and political decision-takers. We will explore the policy context of briefing, examine a range of structures/templates for different type of briefs, and introduce a framework for writing policy briefs. The session will comprise a mix of guidance, discussion and practical exercises.
30 April 2024
Communications, Policy
A policy is only as good as its implementation and delivery. This course considers the challenge of implementing and delivering strategic policy effectively. It guides you through a series of questions and tools that will help you make strategic delivery choices that are more feasible, that better address the key challenges you face, that work in different future scenarios, and result in sustained changes and better results for your stakeholders.
21 May 2024
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Risk Management, Strategy
Strategic Communications is about building engagement that delivers your organisation’s core aims by: Developing and delivering strategic aims; Building constructive relationships; Understanding and influencing opinion; Managing risk and reputation. On this highly interactive, interesting and engaging training course, you will learn how to apply to maximum effect the five primary principles of communication – audiences, engagement, persuasion, narrative, advocacy.
22 May 2024
Communications, Strategy
Effective regulation is vital to protect consumers, society, health, the economy and the environment. At the same time there is a need to manage the cost of regulation - e.g. the cost of operating regulation and also the costs incurred by those regulated. This training seminar will analyse how to approach regulation in a way that addresses current needs but that is also capable of adapting to future challenges. The course reflects the latest thinking on regulatory best practice. This highly interactive event will explore how this can be applied to likely future challenges for those working in every aspect of the regulatory cycle, from policy development to regulatory enforcement.
23 May 2024
Delivery, Policy, Regulation, Risk Management, Strategy
This very interactive workshop is designed to introduce Civil Service professionals to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The seminar will cover fundamental concepts of AI, its applications in the public sector, ethical considerations, and practical tools. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI, especially for those new to the field, and explore its potential in enhancing government services.
30 May 2024
AI, Data, Delivery, Digital
This workshop seminar is designed to provide you with a full understanding of how to go about using and deploying AI in civil service departments and organisations. It starts with the fundamental questions, and moves into how to take account of practical considerations in implementing AI strategies and operations, from legal frameworks and ensuring organisational compliance, through the analysis of case studies and how these lessons can be applied in your own context, and onto what the future holds and how you can be prepared as civil servants to realise the benefits that AI can bring most fully.
19 June 2024
AI, Data, Delivery, Digital
Societies are governed in various ways including through laws, institutions, networks and social norms. Policy narratives are also a significant driver of government policies and an important factor in how they are implemented. Analysis and careful use of evidence are widely promoted ingredients in policy making; narratives (which convey and organise policy information) are also important but perhaps not so widely recognised. In fact, the communication of the rationale for a policy's aims by means of narratives is key to public understanding of the need for the policy and for its acceptance by the general public. This event explores the impact that narratives have on policy design and implementation, and considers the implications for governance and policy making.
25 June 2024
Communications, Delivery, Policy, Strategy
There is an old saying that no one likes change. In fact, in the workplace, change can be very unsettling for individuals and teams. People can find having to undertake new responsibilities or roles very stressful, and both wellbeing and productivity can suffer significantly. This training seminar looks at some practical ways that you can manage change in your organisation, so that the envisaged change can achieve its intended outcomes with a minimum of stress and friction along the way.
26 June 2024
Management, Leadership and Teams, Wellbeing

There are a number of highly effective tools that can be used to improve the robustness of your policy planning and development. The methodical application of futures thinking, including horizon scanning and scenario planning, will enable you to think about and develop policy in a more strategic way, adding greatly to its value for policy-making teams and decision-makers.

27 June 2024
Policy, Risk Management, Strategy