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Global Government Forum provides a wide range of live, virtual, interactive training courses which build on our ethos of providing high-quality events and information for civil servants from around the world. Our courses are listed below or for bespoke training programmes visit our About our training page for more information. For more details on our trainers visit Trainer biographies

Monitoring and Evaluation are integral to policy development. Done properly, they can provide objective, reliable information about the impact and effectiveness of your policies. Without them, you will have no way of assessing if your policy has been a success. This half-day seminar will look at where they fit in the policy cycle and why they are essential elements in the policy development process. It will also look at ways you can use Monitoring and Evaluation to improve existing policies and develop better ones.
24 May 2022
Policy, Risk Management
Strategic Communications is about building engagement that delivers your organisation’s core aims by: Developing and delivering strategic aims; Building constructive relationships; Understanding and influencing opinion; Managing risk and reputation. On this highly interactive, interesting and engaging training course, you will learn how to apply to maximum effect the five primary principles of communication – audiences, engagement, persuasion, narrative, advocacy.
26 May 2022
Communications, Strategy
Effective regulation is vital to protect consumers, society, health, the economy and the environment. At the same time there is a need to manage the cost of regulation - e.g. the cost of operating regulation and also the costs incurred by those regulated. This training seminar will analyse how to approach regulation in a way that addresses current needs but that is also capable of adapting to future challenges. The course reflects the latest thinking on regulatory best practice. This highly interactive event will explore how this can be applied to likely future challenges for those working in every aspect of the regulatory cycle, from policy development to regulatory enforcement.
16 June 2022
Delivery, Policy, Regulation, Risk Management, Strategy
This is a four-day training course that will be delivered live in Central London from Monday 27th June to Thursday 30th June.

A strategy is only as good as its implementation – the extent to which it actually delivers intended policy outcomes. This event provides an in-depth exploration of the key ingredients for implementing strategy and policy in the civil service or any public sector role. Starting with the foundations of strategy, the event looks beyond strategic thinking to consider innovation, adaptation, and implementation. It explores a wide range of implementation issues including feasibility, capacity, project management and change management. The event is very interactive and will include insights from senior civil service leaders.
27 June 2022
Central London
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Strategy
For governments to achieve their strategic objectives, policy officials need to be able to give excellent advice on how to the intended outcomes can be delivered. Officials need to analyse evidence in order to understand the policy problem and to analyse the different options for addressing it. They also need to be able to present the results of their analysis so that decision-makers and stakeholders can understand it. They need to be open to challenge, for example on whether they are making over-pessimistic or over-optimistic assumptions
14 July 2022
High quality communication is an integral component of the policy development process. Internally, with Government Ministers and Senior Officials, it will make for better decisions. Externally, with stakeholders, it will enable policies to have a more positive impact. This half-day seminar will look at the importance of effective communication on all parts of the policy development process and give you tools and techniques to help you.
19 July 2022
Communications, Policy
Regulation is necessary is to protect consumers, society, health, the economy and the environment. Regulation is most effective when it is targeted where the risks to those the regulation is designed to protect are greatest. This training seminar is designed to help participants understand how regulation can be improved by using risk management both when designing the regulation and in operating it. It explores what it means to be “risk-based” in practice and how the risk issues in regulation need to be communicated and applied across different types of regulators.
20 July 2022
Policy, Regulation, Risk Management, Strategy
This training seminar will examine the most effective approaches to delivering policy objectives by means of understanding individual or group behaviour. It will look in detail at the methodologies policy makers can use, and how we can best understand how people think, feel and react; as well as gaining knowledge into what people are thinking about particular subjects at a given time. The seminar will examine generic and specific behavioural and psychological issues that need to be built into your policy formulation, development and delivery when you are seeking maximum effectiveness.
21 July 2022
Online Canada, USA and Caribbean
Delivery, Policy, Project Planning, Strategy

There are a number of highly effective tools that can be used to improve the robustness of your policy planning and development.

The methodical application of futures thinking, including horizon scanning and scenario planning, will enable you to think about and develop policy in a more strategic way, adding greatly to its value for policy-making teams and decision-makers.

27 September 2022
Policy, Risk Management, Strategy
This seminar will be delivered live in Central London. It is designed to provide a thorough, practical understanding of how to manage projects carefully and effectively, whilst incorporating the efficiency of pace and flexibility. Agile project management takes best practice project management approaches, while building in the versatility to incorporate new or iterative information, meaning that adjustments can be made to plans and activities without impacting on timeframes or quality outputs. The course will analyse Agile techniques and procedures, explaining how they work and how you can use them to best effect in practice, enabling you to work in an Agile environment that will enable you to plan, launch, measure, learn, adjust and de-liver better quality public services.
28 September 2022
Venue (tbc) in Central London
Delivery, Project Planning, Strategy