In-House/Bespoke Training Courses

Global Government Forum can tailor any course to meet the specific L&D needs of your organisation. We can deliver your chosen training programmes either virtually or face-to-face, in your offices or in a venue of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Our expert government training team are experienced in creating and delivering training programmes for governments all over the world. Our experts will understand your in-house requirements and work with you to develop and deliver a bespoke training course for you and your organisation.

As well as designing and developing courses with you based on any of the agendas listed below, all our Open Courses can also be adapted to fit with your organisational training needs analysis.

Please contact us for further information and to arrange an in-depth discussion of your learning & development requirements. Email David Leakey on [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.

Data in the Civil Service

A Strategic Overview of Data in the Civil Service

Unlocking Insights from Data to Improve Policy and Decision Making

Visualising Data to Influence Public Sector Stakeholders

Introduction to Records Management in the Civil Service

Workshop: How AI Can Empower the Civil Service

Deploying AI in the Civil Service


Phase One – Introductory

Understanding Digital Services in Government – Two-Day Programme

Introduction to Providing Customer-Centric Digital Services in Government

Phase Two – Roll Out

Digital Skills in Government – Route Maps for Service Development and Delivery

Agile for Government Digital Leaders and Teams – Two-Day Programme

Train the Digital Trainer

Phase Three – Specialist Practitioner Courses

DDaT Profession Capability Framework Training – Digital Delivery Management – Two-Day Training Course

DDaT Profession Capability Framework Training – Digital Product Management – Two-Day Training Course

DDat Profession Capability Framework Training – User Research and User-Centred Service Design – Two-Day Training Course

Digital Management Courses

Understanding Leadership in a Digitally Enabled and Data Driven World

Applied Leadership in the Digital World

Leading Agile Delivery – The Application of Agile Ways of Working Safely and Sustainably

Leadership in a Complex Environment – Leveraging Changing Technologies, Environments, and Social Structures

Essentials of Kanban and Cynefin – Two-Day Course

Governance and Strategy

State-Level Governance

Fundamentals of Governance in Organisations

Organisational Development and Change Management Essentials

Operationalising Values

The Five Principles of Strategic Communication

The Complete Communications Professional

Implementing Strategy in the Civil Service – Four-Day Training Course

Strategy Foundations – Four Keys To Developing Effective Strategies

Beyond Strategic Thinking – Three Dimensions of Success

Political Thinking

Strategic Implementation and Delivery – A Practical Guide

Better Regulation

Dynamic Regulation – Regulating for Now and the Future

Improving Regulation

Targeting Regulation on Risk

Scenario Planning for Regulators

Project Management

Project Planning – Moving Seamlessly from Strategy to Delivery

Project Management Workshop

Introduction to Agile Project Management

Introduction to Programme Management


Design Thinking for Public Service Innovation

Systems Thinking in Policy Design

Policy Design – Four-Day Training Course

The Strategic Policy Maker’s Toolkit – Two-Day Training Seminar

The A-Z of Policy

Crafting Policy: The Tools of Government

Analysis and Use of Evidence

Option Appraisal and Decision-Making in Policy

Writing Policy Briefs for Policy Makers

Modifying Behaviour through Policy

Delivering Public Good through Policy

Scenario Planning and Horizon Scanning for Policy Makers

Leading Policy Teams

Managing Risk in Policy and Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation – Four-Day Comprehensive Training Kit

Monitoring and Evaluation – Half-Day Course

Working with Ministers

Effective Policy Communications – Half-Day Course

Narratives in Policy Formulation

Delivering Policy Impact – Four-Day Training Course

Leadership, Management & Teams

Senior Leadership and Management Skills – Three-Day Masterclass

Successful Management and Team Leadership – Two-Day Training Course

Management and Leadership Essentials – Two-Day Training Course

Women into Leadership – Two-Day Seminar

Team-Building Skills – Four-Day L&D Programme

Valuing Diversity and Building Diverse Teams

Delegation – Achieving Results through Others

Creating and Growing a Productive Team – Interviewer Skills

Building Productive Business Relationships

Negotiation Skills Workshop

Leading Teams and Managing Performance in the Civil Service

Building Trust, Collaboration and Productivity in Hybrid Teams

Professional Development and Personal Effectiveness

Professional Development Skills – Three-Day L&D Programme

Delivering Results at Work – Essential Success Skills for New Managers

Performing Effectively in the Office – Practical Skills for Success at Work

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Coaching Skills Workshop

Presentation Skills Workshop

Assertiveness Skills Workshop

Thinking on the Spot

Understanding and Using Business Cases

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing at Work – Three-Day L&D Programme

Enhancing Wellbeing, Building and Managing Stress

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Successfully Resolving Conflict at Work

Supporting Colleagues through Change

Government in the UK and Europe

Understanding How European Nation States Work – Interacting Effectively with Europe

A Comparative Overview of the Political Structures of European States

How UK Government Works – Structure, Functions, Responsibilities, Power

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Please contact us for further information and to arrange an in-depth discussion of your learning & development requirements. Email David Leakey on [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.