About events

Our Events

Global Government Forum runs regular and one-off events attracting public servants from around the world, with some aimed at top-level civil servants and others at a wider public sector audience.

Events for senior leaders

Our events for senior leaders tend to run in a round table format, bringing together corporate, departmental and functional heads for free-flowing discussions on shared goals and challenges. Agendas are developed in close collaboration with the delegates, who also provide much of the organised content – offering presentations on their own experiences and pulling out lessons for their peers.

Conversations are kept deliberately informal, with civil servants and private sector partners free to explore common problems and explain their solutions. Our aim is to support civil service leaders to build relationships, examine issues, and share ideas in a private space where they can be completely open – returning home with new insights, contacts and opportunities.

Sessions are held under Chatham House rules, and Global Government Forum clears quotes with delegates before publishing event reports. These events are funded by private sector partners, and offered to senior civil servants without charge.

Flagship annual events held in this format include the Global Government Summit and the Global Government Finance Summit.

Events for wider audiences

We plan and run major expos and conferences, offered free of charge to all public servants from around the world. These typically revolve around panel discussions, featuring civil service leaders and private sector partners from a range of countries, and examine relevant topics such as promoting innovation within government.

We partner governments around the globe, where our events help leaders tackle problem and challenges and very effectively communicate solutions and strategies across the public service.

In the UK, we are an accredited supplied on the Cabinet Office’s Communications Marketplace framework.


We run a series of webinars throughout the year offered free of charge to all public servants from around the world. Panels include experts from the public sector, international institutions, think tanks and industry. Our webinar schedule is set out on the Events page.