A new platform for growth: building green infrastructure

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels
March 9, 2021

Against the dark background of the pandemic, there are signs that the world may soon renew its journey towards a more environmentally sustainable future. The election of Joe Biden in the US promises to reverse the USA’s shift towards climate scepticism. Green technologies lie at the heart of many countries’ economic recovery plans. Public pressure for action continues to rise. And in November, the UN’s COP26 conference will provide an opportunity to revive international collaboration on climate change.

But with many of the low-hanging fruit already picked, further progress will demand concerted government action to create the necessary infrastructure. Electrifying rail and road transport, for example, demands vast new distribution systems; national grids need refitting around the needs of renewable and local generation; domestic heating and insulation changes will be needed in almost every home.

Bringing together public service leaders and relevant experts from around the world, this GGF webinar will explore how governments can build the infrastructure required to support green business growth, reduce pollution and decarbonise their economies. Which tax and subsidies regimes drive progress most rapidly? How should spatial planning systems, regulatory regimes and industrial strategies change to boost sustainable sectors? And how should the social and economic changes driven by the pandemic affect decisions about green infrastructure investments?

Global action on climate change had stalled long before the pandemic struck. This event will explore how governments can create the infrastructure to succeed as the sustainability show gets back on the road.