High standards: a common language for public data

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels
February 23, 2021
Digital & technology

Many of the new opportunities opened up by data technologies depend on better sharing and exchange of data – but currently, many departmental systems speak different languages. Even within one organisation, datasets may for example be stored in various formats, held in incompatible systems, maintained to variable quality standards, and compiled using different definitions. Public servants hold huge data assets; but until these datasets can be linked together, much of their potential value cannot be realised.

Many of the answers lie in implementing common data standards – but this throws up a set of new challenges. How should standards be decided and introduced? How can departments be encouraged to adopt them, while retaining the autonomy to focus resources on their top policy goals? And who should be responsible for overseeing delivery and monitoring progress?

At this GGF webinar, civil service leaders from around the world will discuss how best to introduce and promote common data standards – supporting better analysis and policymaking, while unlocking much more rapid progress towards truly digital, user-focused service delivery.