Manage “The curative power of connectivity: using tech to support public health and economic growth”

July 8, 2020
Digital & technology

As countries worldwide struggle to control COVID-19’s health impacts while restoring economic growth, many are leaning heavily on digital technologies. Deployed in medical and public health services, for example, contemporary tech can streamline case management, support contact-tracing and track the pandemic’s progress. Keeping a lid on infection rates as lockdowns are eased, it can support social distancing in service delivery. And as national leaders seek to reactivate their economies, digital infrastructure and businesses can provide the foundation for economic revival – while retooling national economies for the next wave of global growth.

But what forms of technology best enable governments to monitor and tackle coronavirus outbreaks? How can national policies and services support organisations’ transitions to new forms of service delivery? How should governments use stimulus packages to reshape their economies around today’s growth sectors? And how can they develop and promote the infrastructure required to support digital economies? Drawing on case studies from around the globe, this webinar examined how technology and connectivity can both release populations safely from lockdown, and provide the basis for income and productivity growth.


  • Andrew Williamson, Vice President Strategy, Huawei Technologies
  • Matthew Howett, Principal Analyst and Founder, Assembly Research