Shaping public investments for the post-pandemic world

January 25, 2022

Since COVID-19 spread across the world, both economies and public services have taken a hammering – the former starved of materials and customers, and the latter inundated with people in desperate need. Now, with mass vaccinations permitting the relaxing of social distancing rules in many countries, governments are considering how to restore economic growth and replenish exhausted public services. But their existing investment decision-making processes, built in the pre-pandemic world, are likely to send money to the wrong places. 

The vast outlays on stimulus packages and income support have shifted attitudes to public spending, and interest rates are low – creating opportunities for investment programmes. But where is infrastructure spending likely to produce the greatest – and broadest – returns within economies permanently altered by the pandemic? What forms of investment would best rebuild public services, equipping them for the challenges to come? And how can wider goals, such as sustainability and public wellbeing, be built into funding decisions?  

At this Global Government Forum webinar, the expert panel will discuss how to reshape public investment strategies and decision-making frameworks around today’s economic and social priorities – navigating through the short-term uncertainties created by the pandemic, and forging a path to long-term growth and renewal.