Shock absorbers: how data can make public services more resilient

By on 09/01/2023 | Updated on 26/01/2023
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Public services – and the procurement processes that underpin many of them – have become more complex than ever in the last few years as the UK has entered the age of ‘permacrisis’.

But help can be found in the better use of data to help public sector organisations anticipate the unexpected – both in service delivery and in the suppliers that keep much of government moving.

Comprehensive data can be used to understand where risk lies, how companies and individuals are linked and to improve supplier selection and onboarding. Data can help ensure that governments are complying with complex regulations, including sanctions, as well as helping monitor changes in risk, and ensuring government organisations make informed decisions throughout their third-party relationship lifecycles.

This whitepaper provides insights into how data can support public sector procurement decisions.

What’s inside:

  • Tips for building a resilient supply chain and meeting the requirements of the National Data Strategy to transform the UK government’s use of data to drive efficiency and improve public services
  • A case study highlighting how Dun & Bradstreet helped a UK government department by providing a quick, reliable, and scalable solution to allow suppliers to register on the  department’s procurement portals
  • How data and insights can be used to improve supply chain resilience and reduce risk

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How data drives a resilient public sector supply chain

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