Operationalising Values

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The idea of having a core set of values which underpin a team or organisation’s ethos is not new.  But very often lip service is paid to them and they become a set of buzz words on the wall or website. This workshop looks at how those professed values can be put into day to day practice and how they might relate to one’s own personal values.     

Who is the workshop designed for?

Managers and team members who wish to build team coherence around an agreed set of principles which drive performance and make the workplace a more ethical and enjoyable place to work in.  Also for those curious to explore what their own personal values mean for how they might show up in their team or wider organisation.       

How will you benefit from attending?

Each participant will gain clarity around their own personal values, explore actions which are consistent with those values and those which are not.  We will consider the benefits of having an agreed set of values for your team. You will leave with a better understanding of the behaviours which team members should exhibit to be in alignment with the organisation’s values.    

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the relevance of values to leadership and teamwork
  • Understand the importance of identifying one’s own personal values
  • Identify behaviours that are consistent with and inconsistent with professed values
  • Explore the relationship between personal and corporate values
  • Agree an action plan to take forward to build on what has been learned


Welcome and introductions

Session 1

  • Introduction to values: what are they and why is it important to discuss them?
  • Mind the gap: video illustrating the difference between professed values and lived values
  • Discussion: is there a hierarchy of values, do values change over time and what is the relevance of the perception of others?  

Session 2

  • Identifying values: exercise to gain clarity over our individual personal values
  • Alignment with our values: exercise on identifying behaviours which are consistent and inconsistent with our values; how it feels and what the consequences are of acting out of alignment with our values


Session 3

  • Corporate values: consideration of the team’s/organisation’s specific values and what they mean in practice
  • Exploring the relationship between our personal values and the organisation’s values: consider the implications of mis-match    

Session 4:

  • Operationalising values: identifying an action plan which can take our team closer to living our shared values and the benefits of doing this
  • Reflections, resources, questions and discussion


The Trainer for this course is Iain Christie

Iain is a former civil servant having worked as an FCO Legal adviser for 10 years at the start of his career (including 3 years based in the Caribbean) and more recently for 2 years as the Lord Chancellor’s Policy Fellow.  His background is in law, but for the last 15 years he has worked as a mediator, coach, trainer, facilitator and professional actor.  This combination of skills results in an authoritative yet warm style in the training room with plenty of interaction and creative exercises (experience and practice being the best form of learning).

Iain holds leadership positions as a former Chair of the Bar Standard’s Board Independent Decision-Making Body and a specialist member of the Parole Board of England & Wales. 

Iain  has a number of facilitation and training qualifications: he has trained with Brené Brown to become one of her certified Dare to Lead facilitators, he is a professional Imago facilitator, has undertaken a Diploma level training in Conflict Resolution, Counselling Skills and Group Facilitation and is an NLP-trained coach. Participants at a recent coaching programme were asked to describe Iain in three words which produced this word cloud. 

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Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.