Professional Development Skills – Three-Day Learning and Development Programme

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817

Day One Breaking through the Glass Ceiling
Day Two Performing Effectively in the Office – Practical Skills for Success at Work
Day Three Building Professional Relationships


This three-day learning and development programme is focused on your professional development. It will look at a range of key skills that you need in order to progress successfully, and it will look at the best ways for you to develop those skills so that you can reach your potential.

We will look at building your confidence, understanding communications better, recognising challenges, analysing how people perceive you and how you see yourself, how to hold your own, howe to cultivate your motivation and your professional tool set.

You will be enabled to become more productive, better organised, and more confident in your own abilities. This in turn will encourage your colleagues to notice your input and develop an increased respect for you as a person and a professional member of the workforce.

We will also use various communication models and theories to analyse, understand and identify how we can adapt our communication styles and our own behaviours to build and influence effective business relations.

Who is the course designed for?

This course has been designed for anyone who is seeking more responsibility and who wishes to build their future career on a confident platform. If you feel that you are ready to move upwards from your role, this course is intended to provide you with a range of skills that will enable you to make that move.

How will you benefit from attending?

You will have a better awareness of your own skills-sets, learn new skills and how to apply them effectively, and boost your confidence in both your ability and your potential. You will improve your communication and motivation both as an individual and as a person who is part of a team. It will help you optimise your effectiveness and enable you to feel more engaged in doing so.

Learning outcomes

Identify and improve key skills

Understanding better how to be proactive, effective, reliable and dependable in your role

Understand and develop the impression you create professionally

Learn to be more confident and persuasive

Have the tools to manage your workload more effectively

Know how best to prioritise your responsibilities

Understand how to apply specific techniques to build stronger business relationships

Learn how to understand other people’s perspectives, and to adapt your thinking and behaviour to meet their needs

Day One Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Welcome and Introductions

Session One Appreciating your Value

Understanding the value of your role in the organisation

Recognise skills & development areas

How can we be as proactive as possible

Session Two Expanding on your Self-Awareness

Recognising how we are perceived

Overcoming personal communication barriers

Planning effective communication

Questioning and listening skills


Session Three Building Confidence

Understanding how to be assertive

Managing expectations

Eliciting positive feedback

Session Four Facing Difficulty Confidently

Overcoming difficult situations and manage difficult characters

Building on your professional persona

Developing your role in the right direction for you

Influencing and persuading your manager and colleagues


Day Two Performing Effectively in the Office – Practical Skills for Success at Work

Session One Recognising your Challenges and Building your Motivation

Identifying your own challenges and pitfalls

Improving your team’s collaboration

Harnessing your own enthusiasm and drive to deliver most effectively in your role

How do you interact to best effect with colleagues?

Session Two Becoming Super-Reliable

Tips and techniques for managing your time at work more effectively

Prioritisation, weekly and daily planning

Working through tasks one by one – best practical approaches

Maintaining motivation and productivity to perform your role effectively

Time keeping and time management: Tips and pointers


Session Three Skills for Being Described as “Really Professional”

Discussion of perception and attitudes

What characteristic do really reliable people have, and how can you develop these skills?

Being helpful without being a pushover: Striking the balance

Focus and concentration – techniques to improve your mental performance

Session Four Outcomes and Next Steps

Develop a personal framework for becoming indispensable

Develop a plan to implement this successfully


Day Three Building Professional Relationships

Session One Mapping Stakeholder Needs

Introduction and Background

Mapping stakeholders – colleagues, organisational, external partners

Analysis of the skills needed to manage relationships well

Identifying those relationships that need to be strengthened and the blockers

Delegate discussion

Session Two Effective Communication

Describing effective communication

Listening levels and barriers

The art of building rapport and connection

Session Three Influencing and Persuasion

Influencing and persuading your stakeholders and colleagues

Influencing and persuading strategies

Individual styles of communication

Matching, mirroring, pacing and leading

Applying these approaches to your personal interactions


Session Four Influencing without Authority

Power and Influencing strategies when you have no authority

Sharing delegates’ experiences

Session Five Behaviours and Tailoring your Approach

Behavioural styles and preferences

What is my style?

How do I adapt my style?

Self-reflection and analysis – using this to change what you are doing in terms of behaviours and choosing your approach tailored to each stakeholder

Session Six Review and Action Planning

Review of delegates’ stakeholders

Action planning


This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817