Strategy Foundations – Four Keys To Developing Effective Strategies

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.


This event provides an overview of the essentials of strategic thinking and strategic management.  It is ideal for anyone wanting an introduction to strategy and to understand the practical questions that strategic thinking involves. It will also benefit anyone those seeking to build on their existing knowledge of strategy best practice. For experienced strategy practitioners it will provide an opportunity to reflect on the most important strategy questions for their organisation.  The course considers the why of strategy, what the strategic choices are, how will a strategy be delivered, and who will take forward what actions when.

Learning Objectives

By attending this event you will:

  • Understand the factors that drive a strategy – both from outside and within an organisation
  • Consider the questions that support choosing the best strategy for achieving the organisation’s vision
  • Appreciate the need to be specific enough about how the strategy will be implemented, including how any obstacles can be overcome
  • Understand the importance of who needs to be involved in the strategy and when.


Welcome, Introductions and Overview of Sessions

Session One The Why and Where of Strategy

  • Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and how they relate to the opportunities and threats facing our organisation
  • Clarifying “the big why” – why the organisation does what it does and the difference it will make to others
  • Exploring where we want to be in three to five years from now and beyond
  • Creating meaningful strategic goals


Session Two Strategy as Choice

  • Exploring alternative strategies
  • How to choose which strategy is best
  • How to achieve the most significant results with available resources
  • Focusing our efforts and being clear what we are saying no to.

Lunch Break

Session Three Strategy as How

  • Strategy and operations compared
  • Ensuring the right systems, resources, capabilities, communication and collaboration are in place to deliver the strategy
  • Facing possible obstacles and working out how to address them
  • Managing risk
  • Managing change and creating momentum for success


Session Four The Who and When of Strategy

  • Strategic planning and project planning compared
  • Who should we involve in developing a strategy and when should we involve them?
  • A question of balance: how to ensure the policy plan stays on track vs how to adapt and modify the strategy
  • Ensuring accountability and ownership
  • Promoting learning and continuous improvement

Conclusion, Final Questions and Discussion


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This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.