The Strategic Policy Maker’s Toolkit – Two-Day Training Seminar

This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.

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To succeed, governments and the officials supporting them need to understand how to make good decisions using the best available evidence. They need to choose options that can be delivered effectively. This is what policy-making is all about.

This event is designed to equip officials with a strong understanding of the stages of effective policy making and the skills to deliver successful policy. The insights this event will provide, will improve your policy making wherever you are across the world. The event will be facilitated by a policy-making expert who has a very wide range of policy experience and who was worked with organisations across the world.

This event provides two days of practical training, providing a comprehensive guide to policy-making for practitioners.

The event will be very interactive, with a mixture of facilitated discussion and exercises that will provide practical insights.

Who should attend and why?

This live virtual event is designed for officials at all levels of seniority and experience. Attend if you want to improve your ability to design and delivery policy, to widen your range of career options in government, and to be able to lead policy teams more effectively.

How will you benefit from attending?

All civil servants and staff in wider public sector organisations involved in the policy cycle who want to develop their understanding of policy-making, and to improve their ability to design world-class policy solution, will benefit from participating in this live virtual training seminar.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this event you will:

  • Be able to design and deliver policy that is genuinely strategic
  • Understand the factors that make the difference between policy that works and policy that fails
  • Be able to choose between the wide range of possible options for achieving government policy objectives
  • Know to how to identify and manage policy risks
  • Be able to integrate cutting-edge psychological insights into your policy making
  • Have a framework for monitoring and evaluating policy impacts and be able to adapt accordingly


Day One

Session One Strategy Skills

Approaches to strategy
Structured strategic thinking
People management
Organisational culture and structures
Understanding how to deliver practical policy
Strategic route maps and project planning

Session Two Building Objectives into Policy Formulation
Delivery focused policy development
Results focused approaches to policy design
Facilitated delegate discussion


Session Three Option Creation and Option Appraisal

The range of possible policy options and delivery models
Skills, tools and techniques
Analysis and use of evidence
Communicating recommendations and briefing different stakeholders
Discussion of delegates’ experiences

Session Four Risk Assessment

Principles and best practice
Practicalities and learning from experience
Innovation, creativity and risk aversion
Impact assessments
Delegates’ input

Close of First Day

Day Two

Session Five Cost Benefit Analysis

What, why and how?
What is affordable, what cost inaction? VFM and other measures
Discussion of delegates’ experiences

Session Six Embedding Psychology and Behavioural Insights into Policy Design

Policies are for people – they won’t work without understanding how people behave
Factoring behaviour into the early stages of policy option appraisal and design
Influencing, modifying or changing behaviour through policy interventions – case studies and the limits of the possible
Collaboration and enforcement pyramids
Discussion of delegate input


Session Seven Making Strategic Decisions

Processes for objective and informed decision making
Focus on delivery, practicality, achievability – decisions beyond the evidence base
Involving the frontline in decisions
Assessing effectiveness and delivering objectives
Acceptability and political awareness
Facilitated delegate discussion

Session Eight Monitoring and Evaluation

Evaluating an (ideally) virtuous circle
Objectives, inputs, outputs, outcomes, delivery, impact, objectives
Adaptability – how to modify policies if the circle is not virtuous – practicalities, resistance, cost, communications
Final discussion session

Close of the Course

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This is an in-house training course. For further information and pricing contact [email protected] or phone on +44 20 7661 7817.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.