Zoë Collier

Zoë Collier has worked for over 30 years in and with the UK civil service and many international administrations. She started her career as a fast stream policy advisor to ministers in the Treasury (Finance Ministry), then moved across to the UK diplomatic service, where she served in the British embassy in Athens, and after that she headed up the Strategy Unit at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. She was Private Secretary to a Cabinet Minister, managing his policy portfolio and working long hours alongside him in Parliament, the department and meetings with stakeholders. She went on secondment to the UK’s National School of Government as a senior lecturer in policy and government. That was when she discovered her passion for training.

She now designs and delivers training courses and coaching internationally in policy and strategy development and all the issues associated with it, including policy communication and briefing, stakeholder management, negotiation skills and political thinking. Since 2012, she has run a suite of workshops for the Council of the EU on Political Thinking and Writing Political Briefings.

Zoë has run a wide range of training and consultancy programmes in many countries across the globe, from Africa, to Asia, to the US. Since the start of the pandemic she has adjusted her training techniques to embrace the virtual world and is proficient in delivering quality, engaging training on MS Teams and Zoom.

She has also worked in the private sector, as director of a major public relations company, and in the voluntary sector, as Trustee of a community charity, and independent member of her local government council.