An inside look at the Canadian Crown Corporation leading the way on automation

By on 17/03/2022 | Updated on 07/04/2022

ATB Financial, a provincial crown corporation and the largest Alberta-based financial institution, has embraced intelligent automation as a way to drive productivity and free the equivalent of 70 full time staff members to focus on higher value work. 

Automation in government is no longer something that is focused on streamlining unwieldy back office processes. It is now a tool that can be used to enhance public services through more agile and responsive organisations, and free up resource capacity to make the most of its employees. 

Intelligent automation is also a critical component of any strategic digital transformation. No matter how intuitive the website or shiny the app, public sector and healthcare entities simply can’t deliver the results they crave without the tools to optimize customer-facing services and integrate back-end systems and data.  

These challenges highlight why so many digital transformation initiatives fall short of expectations. But with intelligent automation, organisations have access to an unlimited and scalable pool of digital resources that can power their transformation efforts. An intelligent digital workforce drives productivity and frees up staff from repetitive tasks to focus on higher value, customer-facing, or revenue-generating activities. 

One organisation that has unlocked the benefits of intelligent automation is ATB Financial, a provincial crown corporation, and the largest Alberta-based financial institution. ATB’s use of automation has led to:  

  • a 99% improvement in customer response times 
  • Call center volume reduction of 20% 
  • 70 FTE capacity back into the business
  • Improved employee morale and reduced attrition 

Download this case study to find out how they achieved these gains through a process that unlocked maximum benefit for the crown corporation. As Dan Semmens of ATB Financial said: “We can see a demonstrable change in how we operate – enhancing our workforce experience while offering a better customer experience. We are really starting to think differently about the future.” 

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An inside look at the Canadian crown corporation leading the way on automation

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