Cyber security testing: the different techniques that benefit governments

By on 24/05/2021 | Updated on 04/02/2022

Proactive security testing can help identify risks and vulnerabilities in a department’s system, enabling officials to better prevent, detect and respond to incidents and continuously improve security.

Security testing needs to constantly evolve to protect governments, departments and agencies from cybersecurity compromises.

This e-book defines some of the most common security testing techniques and how they can benefit your organisation, as well as some processes that may be less well-known but equally effective. It also presents some of what Trustwave security experts have learned about significant threats that organisations will face in the near future, and how to best mitigate those risks.

This information will empower your organisation to fight the malicious actors it will face in the coming years, with sections covering:

  • Methods of security testing and advice on how to use them to improve your security posture
  • Creating a 360° approach to security managements by integrating your disparate spheres of operation
  • Attack trends and techniques, with specific information on how to defend against some of the most common threats your organisation is likely to encounter.

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