Being smart with artificial intelligence: deploying AI in the public sector

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
April 13, 2021
Data & ID

Artificial Intelligence technologies have huge potential in civil service management, policymaking and service delivery – but they come accompanied by a unique set of risks. Where systems are ‘trained’ using case management data, for example, they can acquire the prejudices and errors of human staff. Poor system design or low-quality data can skew decisions or generate the wrong conclusions. And because AI algorithms evolve over time – sometimes creating ‘black box’ systems, whose operations are opaque – they present challenges around transparency and accountability in decision-making.

This webinar will explore how civil service bodies can realise the benefits of AI without falling foul of its dangers. Can AI be used to guide human staff, for example, rather than to automate decision-making? How can public bodies develop the technical and commercial expertise to build, commission and deploy AI effectively? And how can quality standards be used to safeguard privacy, transparency, equity and accountability?

Bringing together senior civil servants and external experts, the event will consider the particular challenges around deploying AI in the public sector – and map out ways to address them.