How has the pandemic affected your country’s resilience?

November 10, 2020

How effectively have your public services supported citizens and businesses during the pandemic? How well equipped is your country to weather the recession? And which financial, economic and social weaknesses threaten its ability to protect citizens’ lives and livelihoods over the next year?

Two new international league tables can help answer these questions: Swiss Re’s Pandemic Macro Clock and Resilience Index 2020 use high-quality datasets to assess both how well governments have responded to the pandemic, and how prepared they are for the economic storms to come. Join our webinar to find out where your country stands, learn how these datasets can support evidence-based policymaking, and put your questions to our topical experts. Why, for example, has resilience fallen so far in the UK and USA? And how has Canada retained its high resilience ranking?


  • Prof Domenico Siniscalco, former Director General of the Italian Treasury & Italian Minister of Economy & Finance, currently managing director and vice chairman of Morgan Stanley Europe
  • Markus Sovala, Director General, Economic Policy Coordinator, Ministry of Finance, Finland
  • Veronica Scotti, Chairperson Public Sector Solutions, Swiss Re
  • Jerome Jean Haegeli, Group Chief Economist, Swiss Re