How to deploy AI in the public sector

March 7, 2024
Digital & technology

Webinar looking ahead to AccelerateGOV (Fall 2024)

The deployment and development of artificial intelligence is one of the key issues facing government around the world. Governments need to develop at pace guidelines for public servants on how they can use AI – and to make the most of it, they need to consider reviewing and rewiring processes.

As part of Global Government Forum’s AccelerateGov conference, this webinar looked at the steps government organizations are taking to deploy AI, and whether there are lessons emerging on the best use cases available.

This session covered:

  • When and how to deploy artificial intelligence in government, and its potential in both policy development and service delivery.
  • How government data should be collected and arranged to enable best use of AI.
  • What governments can do to maximise the inclusive and equitable use of AI.


Steve Rennie, Director, Data-Driven Technologies, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Steve Rennie is the Director of Data-Driven Technologies at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). In this role, he leads a division focused on advancing the responsible and ethical adoption of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. In June 2023, Steve and his team won the inaugural Public Service Data Challenge with a generative AI chatbot that offers conversational information on government programs in agriculture. Launching in February 2024, it marks the Government of Canada’s first public-facing generative AI chatbot. Prior to joining AAFC in 2021, he held progressively more senior roles at Natural Resources Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. A former journalist, Steve covered federal politics for nearly decade in the Parliamentary Bureau of the Canadian Press news agency and later served as the managing editor of Metro Ottawa.

Nicole Johnson, Senior Data Analyst, Results and Data Analytics, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Nicole is a Senior Data Analyst and team lead at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). She has background in statistics, mathematics, and advanced analytics. Her current role focuses on performance reporting, data management and analytics, project planning, and stakeholder partnership. She has just recently completed a Masters of Management and Analytics from Smith School of Business, Queen’s University. She advocates for data initiatives aimed at leveraging data for improved business decision-making. She was one of the members of the team that won the first Public Service Data Challenge, using a generative chatbot to better find agriculture program information in the agriculture sector.    

Jay Conte, Policy Analyst, Labour and Market Efficiency Policy, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Jay Conte is a policy analyst with Labour and Market Efficiency Policy at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, focusing primarily on agricultural labour market data.  In June 2023, Jay’s idea for a generative AI chatbot won the inaugural Public Service Data Challenge.

Aaron Jaffery, Chief Product Owner and Architect for Benefits Delivery Modernization Programme, Service Canada

Aaron is the Chief Product Owner and Architect for Benefits Delivery Modernization Programme in Employment and Social Development Canada. In this role Aaron is responsible for the realisation of the programme vision for how Service Canada will support clients in the future across the three statutory benefits (OAS, EI and CPP). Aaron joined Service Canada from the Department for Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom where he led teams transforming the experience for UK citizens across a number of services including retirement, health & disability and digital identity.

Webinar chair: Siobhan Benita, Facilitator, Global Government Forum

Siobhan Benita was a senior civil servant with over 15 years’ Whitehall experience. She worked in many of the major delivery departments, including Transport, Environment, Health and Local Government. She also had senior roles at the heart of Government in the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, including supporting the then Cabinet Secretary, Lord O’Donnell to lead work on Civil Service reform and strategy. Siobhan left the Civil Service to run as an independent candidate in the Mayor of London election. She subsequently joined her alma mater, Warwick University as Chief Strategy Officer of Warwick in London and Co-Director of the Warwick Policy Lab.

AccelerateGOV will take place in Ottawa, Canada in Fall 2024. It is free to attend for all public servants. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE.