Delivering Policy Impact – 30 April & 1 May 2024


The course starts by looking at look at the crucial role that effective communications strategies have in ensuring public awareness, understanding, buy-in, compliance and impact. We shall then examine how policy can be used to modify public behaviour, and how civil servants can make use of methodological approaches and psychological insights to improve the potential impact of their policy implementation.

The second day looks at how we can ensure that we are building public value into the policy development and delivery process. Delivering public good and public value are the fundamental purpose of all policy programmes, but this fact can often be blurred by the difficulties of successfully rolling out policies in the real world. We then explore how you can work well together as a team, focusing on shared objectives and goals to achieve your aims, along with methods for ensuring that everyone has bought into the vision and is comfortable they can deliver within their own role.

We shall then look at the extent to which monitoring and evaluation are key in assessing impact and analysing the need for potential modifications that may need to be taken to ensure that outcomes and intended impacts are achieved.



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