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Introduction to Global Government Forum’s Digital Profile

Global Government Forum has established an internationally renowned reputation in the field of the provision of information and events in the sphere of Digital Services in the Public Service.

Our Digital Leaders Study, is a series of in-depth interviews with digital leaders from various national civil services, as well as deep dive international workshops looking at individual themes from the study – such as Digital Identity and Building a Digital Profession.

Each year Global Government Forum convenes the Digital Summit for the heads of national government digital operations. Reports from the findings of previous meetings are available to read. Here you can see the participants for 2022’s event which took place on 5 & 6 October in Ottawa.

We run the annual UK Data Challenge in partnership with the UK government to find, develop and implement ideas to improve public services. The Challenge includes a prestigious in-person event in London, and most importantly in the context of supporting the delivery of digital services in government, last year, all shortlisted ideas were given help to be developed, enabling the UK civil service to tap into the ideas and expertise of its staff, who were able to both identify and help solve data problems in their everyday work.

Following the success of the UK Data Challenge, a similar initiative has been launched for the public sector in Canada.

We also provide a support package to governments from all over the world to provide guidance in the development of their government digital service development and delivery programmes. Our digital training team have the experience to provide consultancy, analysis, advice, training, and support throughout the full project lifecycle of digital service initiation and planning, all the way through design, to delivery and iterative upgrading. Whatever stage of the digital journey you are on, we have the expertise to assist you.

Capacity Building in Government Digital Service Provision

Governments around the world are realising that in an age in which their citizens interact hourly with private sector digital platforms, such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, or merely by using a huge range of Apps on their mobile/cell phones, they need to provide more of their public services through digital media.

Citizens expect interactivity, speed of service, reliability, user-centred design. And government services are often still catching up with the speed at which innovation and investment in the private sector has driven demand and expectations from the public.

But in order to start providing public services digitally, governments first need to start building digital capacity within their own operational structures.

Capacity Begins with Knowledge

Whatever the level of digital awareness that exists in your organisation, from a basic knowledge of the main principles through to a detailed and sophisticated practical understanding of what is involved in digital service roll-out, we can provide expertise at the right level, to ensure that we can guide and assist you on your digital journey to the provision of a full spectrum of digital services.

In order to develop the knowledge you and your teams need, the most effective approach is to quickly develop organisational capacity by means of cascade digital training to all your staff, in order to achieve critical mass awareness of how to develop and deliver government services digitally.

The most efficient way to do this is by means of Train the Digital Trainer.

Train the Digital Trainer

Global Government Forum’s digital training team includes practitioner-trainers who built and managed the UK’s Government Digital Academy.

Our solution to your evolving digital service development comprises consultancy, capacity analysis, and train the trainer workshops to provide your own teams with the knowledge and practical expertise to cascade information at scale throughout your organisations.

We tailor the precise content of our training to fit with your precise needs, whatever stage of the digital journey you find yourselves. Our simple process involves initial consultation between your digital and HR/L&D leads, and our training team, so that we can blend the knowledge which you need with your own individual circumstances, organisational cultures, and learning outcomes. We can discuss how we can best meet those needs, and modify our knowledge content accordingly, and deploy members of our team in your offices to support your digital training service development, by training members of your staff in how to train their colleagues in this vitally important subject.

Digital Subject Areas Suitable for Train the Trainer

Global Government Forum digital training courses that we can adapt for bespoke in-house training for your organisation include the following.

Phase One – Introductory

Understanding Digital Services in Government – Two-Day Programme

Introduction to Providing Customer-Centric Digital Services in Government

Phase Two – Roll Out

Digital Skills in Government – Route Maps for Service Development and Delivery

Agile for Government Digital Leaders and Teams – Two-Day Programme

Phase Three – Specialist Practitioner Courses

DDaT Profession Capability Framework Training – Digital Delivery Management – Two-Day Training Course

DDaT Profession Capability Framework Training – Digital Product Management – Two-Day Training Course

DDat Profession Capability Framework Training – User Research and User-Centred Service Design – Two-Day Training Course

Please contact George O’Grady, head of our training liaison team on [email protected] or call George on +44 20 7661 7810 to discuss your precise digital training needs and how we can provide a solution at scale across your government departments and agencies.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.