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By on 21/11/2023 | Updated on 21/11/2023
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A recent Global Government Forum webinar looked at how governments around the world should work to improve their resilience. Experts came together to discuss how public sector organisations can boost their collaboration in areas like risk, emergency preparedness, crisis response and recovery.

In the session Conor Das-Doyle, economist, Public Governance Directorate, OECD discussed (click to watch):

  • The findings of OECD reports on strengthening government resilience. 
  • How government can organise themselves to meet changing risks over time. 
  • How government can build democratic resilience. 

Caroline Douglass, executive director, flood and coastal risk management, Environment Agency, United Kingdom, discussed (click to watch)

  • How risk resilience is developed in government. 
  • Measuring and understanding risks linked to climate change. 
  • The development of flood risk management programmes. 

Chad Nelson, principal advisor, infrastructure and environment policy, Infrastructure Canada, discussed (click to watch)

  • The development and role of national adaptation strategies to boost adaptation and resilience. 
  • How adaptation strategies can be funded across government. 
  • How adaptation strategies can be implemented.

In the question and answer section of the webinar, the panellists discussed the following (click to watch):

  • How to ensure there is a shared understanding of risks across the public sector.
  • How to fund preventative spending in infrastructure.
  • How governments can learn the lessons of dealing with COVID-19 to inform future crisis response.
  • How national governments can work with regional and local administrations – and where responsibility should sit.

To learn all this and more, you can watch the full Stronger together: how to boost a nation’s resilience webinar on our dedicated events page. The webinar, hosted by Global Government Forum, was held on 21 September 2023.

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