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  • Corruption causing “a global crisis of democracy”

    Anti-corruption efforts are stalled in most countries, with only 20 significantly improving their score since 2012, while 16 have seen big declines, according to an annual analysis. The research, by

    • Posted February 4, 2019
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  • High demand for transfer scheme as Irish officials seek to flee Dublin

    Almost 1,000 Irish civil servants have applied for transfers out of Dublin in the past 12 months, with politicians blaming the high cost of living in the city. The figure

    • Posted January 21, 2019
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  • Brexit increasing civil service turnover

    Staff turnover in the UK civil service has worsened since Brexit, in a workforce which already sees staff changing jobs at a much higher rate than those in many other

    • Posted January 17, 2019
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  • Singapore’s former civil service chief launches SME digital tools

    A Singapore agency run by the country’s former Cabinet Secretary is giving start-up businesses free training in digital business solutions, in a bid to improve their growth and resilience. Small

    • Posted January 15, 2019
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  • Calls for end to US monopoly as World Bank chief quits

    The resignation of the World Bank’s president has prompted calls for his successor to be non-American, amid fears that the bank’s policies could shift to reflect US president Donald Trump’s

    • Posted January 13, 2019
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  • Chinese law targets civil service nepotism

    A new law attacking nepotism in the civil service has been adopted by Chinese lawmakers, as part of leader Xi Jinping’s drive against corruption. Under the new legislation, officials will

    • Posted January 9, 2019
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  • Philippines to let officials retire at 56

    Legislation to lower the optional retirement age of government workers from 60 to 56 in the Philippines has been voted through, with overwhelming support from the House of Representatives for

    • Posted January 8, 2019
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  • Asia closing digital gap with the West, report finds

    Singapore has overtaken the US in the support it provides for national digital transformation, according to analysis by the Economist Intelligence Unit, while Japan has inched ahead of the UK.

    • Posted January 7, 2019
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  • UK’s digital unit touts procurement platform overseas

    The UK government is to spend £11m (US$14m) offering an international version of its digital procurement platform to countries around the world, with an initial focus on Latin America, Africa

    • Posted January 3, 2019
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  • Democrats challenge Trump’s pay freeze

    A group of senators have urged Donald Trump to reverse his decision to freeze pay rates for civilian public sector workers “in the strongest possible terms”. Senators Mark Warner, Chris

    • Posted January 2, 2019
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