Global Government Finance Summit Report 2015

By on 06/07/2015 | Updated on 29/03/2016

The Global Government Finance Summit brings together permanent secretary-level public officials from government treasury and finance ministries around the world to share governments’ domestic financial and regulatory challenges and appropriate solutions.

Hosted in Singapore by the permanent secretary for its finance ministry in April 2015, the Global Government Forum event was attended by senior officials from 14 countries, with representatives of CIPFA International and Knowledge Partner EY.

Topics and themes for the 2015 event included:

  • Improving effectiveness and efficiency of public expenditure: enablers of transformation, and the power of communication
  • Challenges of public finance management: focusing on the right risks, and the ‘art of influencing politics’
  • Sir Nicholas Macpherson on the 7 Institutional reforms that changed the UKs fiscal landscape
  • How Iceland recovered from its global financial crisis: Iceland’s response to the crisis, further reforms and looking ahead
  • Performance budgeting in New Zealand: how the public finance act laid the groundwork for transparency today, and how New Zealand are working towards better outcomes
  • How Singapore is harnessing the wonders of technology
Heads of Financial Ministries, from 14 countries, meet at the Global Government Finance Summit

Heads of Financial Ministries, from 14 countries, meet at the Global Government Finance Summit

The event provides a unique, informal and candid space for the sharing of experiences, concerns and opportunities.

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    The Global Government Finance Summit was organised by Global Government Forum in association with Knowledge Partner EY. The Summit took place on 10 & 11 April 2015, Singapore.

    This exclusive invitation-only event brought together Permanent Secretary-level public officials from government treasury/finance ministries around the world with economics experts and private sector practitioners. To share, through candid and intimate discussions, governments’ domestic financial and regulatory challenges.

    This year's event was hosted by Mr Peter Ong, Head of Civil Service, Singapore. Heads of Financial Ministries in attendance included: Angola, Bahrain, Finland, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom.

    The event will take place again in 2016. You can download the report for the 2015 Summit by filling in the form below.

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