How to make digital transformation happen in your department in 2024

By on 18/01/2022 | Updated on 11/12/2023

As a government leader, you know how much effort and focus is needed to make digital transformation happen in the public sector. With demands for digital public services growing, and a need to ensure citizens remain at the forefront of development, taking a few moments to assess where you are on the journey can be invaluable.

This survey from SAP and DXC Technology will do just that, giving you a new lens to view where you are right now against four key areas of government digital transformation.

Based on scoring each key area, the survey will provide a personalised report to guide you on the best steps and recommendations that are directly matched with your department’s maturity in each area:

• Citizens at the centre

• Data as an Asset

• Business Process Improvement

• Human Resources

This model will provide invaluable insight as planning for a new year begins. Understanding where you are in your transformation journey can help set the trajectory for the next 12 months. Let us help today.

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As trusted advisors and technology specialists for over 17,000 public sector customers, we at SAP know that there is more to transformation in government than just technology. We choose a holistic approach and listening deeply to the unique needs of our customers to support them throughout their transformation journeys.

DXC Technology helps the public sector run better, serve better and protect better. Our services and solutions tackle the most urgent issues rapidly and effectively. For decades DXC’s mission-critical services and solutions have kept dozens of ministries, departments, agencies, and armed services organizations around the world operating as smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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