How tech helps government departments improve the efficiency of fraud investigations

By on 23/11/2020 | Updated on 14/12/2020
Finding the patterns: combing through datasets, digital tools can help identify fraud in public service delivery

Fraud, theft and misuse of government services costs the UK public sector more than £40 billion per year. But technology can help officials to analyse intelligence, pinpoint patterns of behaviour, map networks of activity, and identify the relationships between the entities involved

Fraudsters’ tactics are constantly evolving and becoming ever more sophisticated. The Cabinet Office’s Cross-Government Fraud Landscape Annual Report, 2019, points to a 21 percent increase in suspected fraud allegations between 2017 and 2018. It’s likely that criminals are not just committing more frauds—they’re getting away with them too.

The key problem is that investigating fraud and other criminal activity is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. While government initiatives such as the Counter Fraud Function are helping to standardise investigation techniques and improve training, there’s still simply too much data for investigators to analyse.

What’s needed is a smarter approach, using powerful tools and technologies to analyse all types of intelligence information, pinpoint patterns of behaviour, map out networks of activity, and identify the relationships between the entities involved.

A recent report from SAS Institute explains how adopting an end-to-end intelligence and investigations management solution can help government departments:

  • Increase investigation efficiency by enabling fast, accurate collaboration based on the most up-to-date information
  • Better utilise investigators’ expertise by eliminating manual tasks such as data entry and freeing up time for on-the-ground investigations
  • Improve intelligence by breaking down information silos and creating a positive feedback loop to improve the quality of future investigations

To learn more about how your department could benefit from smarter, faster investigations, register below to download the full SAS report.

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