The Future of Governments in a World of Resource Constraints

By on 14/12/2018 | Updated on 14/12/2018

In a world where digital is powering transformations in almost every industry, government organizations are not far behind. While a small percentage of governments are well on their path to maturing digitally, most of them are still trying to play catch-up in this race. Irrespective of where the government organizations lie in their digital maturity, they are all trying to identify and create innovative programs to increase citizen satisfaction levels, whilst reducing costs and implementing efficient operational processes. Achieving these goals become challenging enough with shrinking budgets. With a dearth of skilled workers and diminishing natural resources, government agencies need to take a hard look at the people, processes and technology available to them to ensure success.

Provide transparency in governance, connect with the citizens, exhibit accountability and concern for the environment and public spending, improve the employability of its workforce, while at the same time provide assurance of a safe and free environments, are some of the key imperatives government agencies must aim for to be successful. Being au fait with the current and upcoming trends impacting their industry, will go a long way in gearing up the governments to make optimum use of the available resources for essential citizen initiatives.

    The Future of Governments in a World of Resource Constraints

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