More US federal officials to return to the office as Biden expands in-person services

By on 07/03/2022 | Updated on 08/03/2022
Joe Biden
The White House said that the pandemic “no longer needs to dictate” how federal government works.

US president Joe Biden has set out his administration’s plan for federal employees to return to workplaces as part of an effort to widen the number of in-person public services available through agencies.

The plan to bring federal employees back to office-based work follows two years in which large numbers of US federal government employees have adopted teleworking to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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In a statement, the White House said that pandemic “no longer needs to dictate” how federal government works. “Federal agencies will lead by example, increasing the hours public-facing offices are open for in-person appointments and in-person interactions in the month of April,” it said.

President Biden hinted at details of his strategy to expand the range of federal services again offered face to face in his State of the Union speech last week. The strategy is outlined in the government’s recently published National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

Agencies due to increase their in-person services include the Social Security Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which will receive support from the administration to set up mass vaccination sites quickly as and when the state requests them. FEMA has drafted a playbook for establishing these sites, which will allow it to respond quickly to state requests alongside the US Health and Human Services (HHS) and defence departments.

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Biden’s thank you letter to federal officials

Ahead of his speech, president Biden sent a thank you letter to federal employees in which he wrote:

“Your capabilities and dedication are what make the dederal government strong and ensure we deliver the basic needs for everyday Americans. Because of our progress combatting the pandemic, we can safely increase in-person work, while continuing to protect your health and safety.”

As reported by Government Executive, Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), said he welcomed the president’s praise for federal employees, though emphasised that many federal employees had remained at their normal duty stations throughout the pandemic, and that many others had already returned to offices.

“Just as President Biden said in his letter, federal employees have not allowed a pandemic to stop progress on the economic recovery, protecting national security and helping our federal agencies accomplish their important missions,” he said.

The White House has meanwhile requested US$22.5bn in funding from Congress to finance test, treatments and vaccines, as well as “investments in research and development of next-generation vaccines, and responding globally, including getting more shots in arms around the world”.

The funding request will also seek to provide agencies with the resources to vaccinate children under the age of five once they are approved. Agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, along with the Department of Defense, will continue to assist in developing and manufacturing vaccines to meet the country’s target output of one billion doses annually. The Veterans Affairs Department and Indian Health Service will also be enabled to vaccinate their constituents directly going forward.

Other elements of the plan include the federal government setting up one-stop-shops for COVID-19 tests and treatment in pharmacies, community health centres, and long-term care facilities.

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The announcement by Biden comes after the Canadian federal government announced it was restarting plans to return public servants to offices.

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  1. James Brown says:

    I’m pretty sure many of them don’t even know the location of their ssa office?! What extension are we talking about?

  2. Don Siegmeir says:

    It’s almost 2023 and federal employees are STILL “working” from home ? The least they could do is snooze all day in the empty offices we are paying for. When you try to call a federal employee, and all you get is a recorded response from a cell phone, you know they’re out at Walmart, or Home Depot. This is a colossal goof-off.

  3. Violetta Valery says:

    Who would want to return to work if they are going to face the disdain and lack of respect as illustrated by other posters here? I cant blame them. Some people just love to trash others – regardless of the situation.

  4. Jon Heal says:

    Don, I’m a federal worker and I can guarantee you I am productive 8+ hours a day at home. With my JOB DUTIES, I should add. Any employee, federal or otherwise that is lazy at home is going to be lazy in the office, too. Maybe you enjoy wasting 2-4 hours of your day (15-25% of your WAKING LIFE) commuting. I don’t.

    I can vouch for my immediate co-workers, too.

    I get that you hate the guvmit, but I’d rather not be painted with your big, derogatory brush.

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