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By on 02/10/2018

The Leaders’ Report for Government Communicators

The Leaders’ Report, produced by WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice, is the first comprehensive global study into the future of government communications.

Launched in 2016 at Davos, the first edition of this report covered 40 countries and the experiences of 400 senior communicators from governments and international organisations. It threw light on what government communications leaders around the world were thinking, planning and concerned about. The research explored current and future challenges, what communication leaders were doing to prepare and where communications strategy is most effective in delivering on objectives.

One of the primary learnings was that the challenges faced by government communicators were overwhelmingly common across different regions, countries and governance models. These challenges included declining levels of trust in government, audience fragmentation, and moving away from a model of primarily one-way communication.

Similarly, it also identified the requirements or attributes of high-performing government communication functions to be:

  • the need for a clearly defined role and structure for government communications,
  • truly collaborative team environments
  • consistency of messages across government and across channels
  • a strong focus on citizens at all levels in the government
  • embracing technology to become more citizen-focused
  • accessing a wide range of data sources  to inform decisions.

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Announcing – The Leaders’ Report, 2019

The world we work in is constantly shifting. Technological advancements and changing citizen attitudes have had significant implications on governments, leaders and citizens. WPP’s Government and Public Sector Practice are thus currently working on the second edition of this study. The 2019 edition focuses on how citizen communication is evolving, with a specific focus on citizen engagement.

To enable us to build a comprehensive view of how citizen engagement is implemented across the world, we are conducting a combination of qualitative interviews and a quantitative study amongst government communicators. This study aims to identify the role of citizen engagement in their communication strategy and understand how it is used alongside the more traditional forms of communication.

The study will also focus on the different ways in which governments implement citizen engagement initiatives in different countries, with a view to determining the enablers and barriers to effective, impactful engagement.

Achieving the report objectives

We plan to launch this second edition of The Leaders’ Report in early 2019 and would be delighted if you will participate in the quantitative element of our study, alongside other global communication thought leaders. To participate, please click on the link to be taken through to our short, ten-minute, confidential survey. We request you to also please share the link to our survey with your communication colleagues, where possible.

We will share the results of the study with all participants in advance of our launch in 2019. Should you choose to participate, you will receive a link to the results of this research.

Access the mobile friendly survey HERE or share the link .  If you would like more information, please contact us on

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